If domain expires while auction is still active - who pays renewal ?

Q: Who is responsible for renewal cost of a domain if the domain expires while an NP auction is still active and seller has not specified who will cover the cost?

Rule 6.1.6 seams to imply that if an expiration date is included in an NP auction listing for a domain that's close to expiring then the buyer covers the renewal cost without seller needing to specify that.

Under Marketplace FAQ (section m) it seams to imply that as long as the renewal/expiration is stated than it would not be a hidden cost.
m. When pertaining to creating domain sales threads, what is considered a hidden fee or information?
i. Anything above and beyond the cost of the domain being registered at the normal price. This includes clearly stating when domains are due for renewals when their expiry is within 30 days or less.
This was addressed by admin in a private thread. As long as the expiration date is clearly stated in the auction the buyer is responsible. Buyer has the option to contact seller to negotiate renewal fees if they wish. Anyone needing more clarification please contact admin.
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