IDN Universal Acceptance may be worth billions

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    Your expanding global business is leaving money on the table if its systems aren’t compatible with web addresses that have extensions such as .世界 or .ОНЛАЙН (.world and .online in Chinese and Russian, respectively). This missed opportunity has been growing for some time; a 2017 study concluded that an ecommerce market worth nearly $10 billion dollars annually is up for grabs — and that is a conservative estimate.

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    To understand why, consider these two facts:

    First, the version of the Latin alphabet you are reading now is used by just more than a third of the world population. That number is dwarfed by the billions of people who read and write every day in Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Devanagari or other scripts. These are being used in regions where population growth, economic growth and internet adoption all outpace global averages.

    Second, recent innovations in how we navigate the internet have made domain names in diverse alphabets available to the majority of the world who use them. In 2012, there were only 22 so-called generic domain names (with familiar extensions like .com or .edu). That number now stands at more than 1,500.
    Such innovation effectively brings an end to the era in which, say, a Japanese web surfer needs to toggle their keyboard to type a “www” or “.com,” because the entire domain name can now be written in Japanese.

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