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domains ICANN Launches New gTLD Subsequent Procedures ODP



LOS ANGELES - 20 December 2021
On 14 September, we announced a Board decision that directed the ICANN organization (org) President and CEO to conduct an Operational Design Phase (ODP) for the recommendations contained in the Final Report of the New Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process. As part of this decision, the ICANN President and CEO was to advise the Board when the work of the ODP would be initiated within the org. After three months of preparations on organizing and allocating resources to execute the work, the org has advised the Board that it is beginning the ODP.

... We began organizing the org resources by assigning related work groups and leadership to manage the multiple projects required to deliver an Operational Design Assessment (ODA), the output of the ODP. The ODA, combined with other relevant materials such as the recommendations and the Bylaws-mandated Public Comment proceedings on the recommendations, will help the Board make its determination.

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