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Hello frens,

I AM LAMBO of LAMBO.com and I will defend, defeat and humiliate those endeavouring to steal any of my domain name brands - including my moniker.

We have stood by in meek positioning watching poor decisions, one after another, rendered typically by "SOLE PANELISTS" - albeit with exceptions and inconsistency.

Digital assets stripped from legal holders and registrants who immediately (apparently), default to defensive posturing against Reverse Domain Name Hijackers (RDNH).

The injustice propagated against domain investors, speculators and BUILDERS - will not continue as it has.

In my case, a car company called "Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A." is attempting THEFT of my asset, nomenclature and taxonomy they possess ZERO rights to.


Counter measures to humiliate such endeavours are afoot. Unlawful theft will be duly punished through legal and commensurate counter efforts including any coerced and submissive accomplices.

Humiliation is inevitable should they desire METAWAR, even as the car company, NISSAN, found out with NISSAN.com

This is enough for now, I will continue to update as necessary.

In the meanwhile, you can add me on lichess (@lamboDOTcom).

We will save our industry from the filth that seeks to dismember it's legitimacy.

Thank you for time and God Bless. May the VRIL be with you.

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Future Sensors

78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots

LAMBO Capital is an investment community, sharing knowledge and experience about cryptocurrencies in Viet Nam. We fund and incubate ambitious projects who are building forward-looking blockchain technology and on a mission to advance the world.


Future Sensors

78% of human domainers will be replaced by robots

LAMBO Finance.

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I am amazed at the treasure trove of Lambo you guys have posted here. Its used quite a bit more than even realized. I want @bmugford and FutureSensors in my corner if I get an unjustified UDRP 👍
I have dealt with my share of sense of entitlement claims before from companies like Sony, Edible Arrangements, and others.

Sony immediately backed down when I pushed back against their BS claim, but it took quite a while to break down Edible Arrangements sense of entitlement to the word "Edible" itself, which is clearly absurd.

The funny thing is at the same time I had another unrelated "Edible" company try to threaten me over the same domain. I CCed Edible Arrangements and told them to figure out who owns the term "Edible" and get back to me. :)

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The thing is that the car manufacturing company is not really interested in Lambo dot nl or Lambo dot io, or Lambo dot this or that. Although great examples, and well done searching those out, they are only interested in stealing the COM from our friend here, and according to some reliable sources, they absolutely don't have the right.

IANAL, but personally, it does look good for the good guys.

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