advice I received an offer from a Billion dollar company for my LLLL.co

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Hey Guys,

So I received an offer from a billion dollar public company for a 4 letter word .co domain I own (LLLL.co) The domain is the companies name.

They first offered me $2500 for the domain, I declined, and replied saying that my selling price is in the mid to high five figures range ($xx,xxx)

They then adjusted there offer to $10,000. (yesterday, I haven't replied back yet)

My question to you guys is am I being too greedy? What price would you sell a 4 letter word .co domain for? I feel like I should at least get mid five figures. What do you think?

for some context the .com is already in use by another company and they're not likely to sell, hence why I think they want the .co. instead.

I want to hear your thoughts. (Before I reply back to them) :) :coffee:
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Hi guys, I have an update for you.

After a month of negotiating back and forth with the buyer, I can finally reveal that yesterday we came to an agreement, the domain has sold for $30k.

The Escrow is currently underway, I am very happy with the outcome.

Appreciate all you guys who responded to this post. Thank you! :xf.smile:

Congratulations! 👍