analysis I need your help documenting abuses of the TMCH and Sunrises for new gTLDs

I need your help to document abuses of the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) and Sunrises in the new gTLDs program. I'm a member of the ICANN working group that's reviewing those policies, and the co-chairs set a deadline of February 8, 2019 to submit research (just 8 days away!). I've pushed back against that short deadline, see my posts at:


especially given that INTA was never subject to that process for their own reports. Indeed working group and staff resources are being devoted to dissecting that INTA report (which is in favour of the existing
policies), without equal resources devoted to the "other side". It's really ICANN staff who should have already done this work. But let's show them that registrants want to finally be heard, instead of having the conversation dominated by trademark holders, some of whom have gamed the existing procedures and want to maintain the status quo.

In the third link above, I found articles from various domain name industry blogs that discussed various gaming of common dictionary words in the new gTLDs sunrises and TMCH. But, I obviously didn't find them all. So, let's get to work and "crowdsource" this. Some articles were written years ago, or perhaps you have research that you compiled, but never posted.

In any event, if you have articles/data to share, please do so ASAP. I know some of you are in transit from NamesCon, etc., but NOW is the time you've been waiting for, after many years of those abuses, to get
them on the record before the ICANN working group that can do something about it.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.