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question How to sell LLL .coms super quickly???

so I have some 25+ lll .com's and ever since whois has been hidden, my sales have plummeted. Luckily prior to that I had over 15,000 domains and sold majority... now have under 150 domains left. Mostly own use and super premium ones.

Is there a live auction site like the domain drop type service ( etc) where I can sell my domains super quick?? i'm usually looking for 65k to 900k for these domains but i'd settle for less if i knew they'd all get sold in a short time period.

any advice would be appreciated

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Lord Antares

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What? You know you can disable whois privacy, right?

And you can put up your email on your landing pages, that should achieve the same effect.

As for "selling quickly", it's all about the price, not the platform. You should know this.
If you want to sell a "basic" quickly for 50k+, you won't be able to do it, regardless of the platform.

I'm surprised someone as experienced as you is asking these questions. Is this thread satire?
whois has been hidden, my sales have plummeted.

whois privacy doesn't stop spam email being sent by other domainers or web developers or seo experts.

if you don't want to field offers yourself, then maybe try Namejet/snapnames auction, if you want quick sales.


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