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advice How to say "NO" to a certain hand-registration

Dynadot Dynadot
Any tips appreciated by all here..


if you look in the mirror and find yourself calling the registrar too often for the ICANN 5-day refund policy?
Haha :)

if you're not positive about your debit card

if family getting to notice extravagant behavior

If you already too rich to WHOIS if available

If its a .net

If generic didn't consult wikipedia

If brandable too you

If you are new and need to read more past posts here first

If you could actually wait a day to click (like making a list availables to choose from later on

If your time already has too many domains on your plate and starving

If you already have that one domain without that "s" at the end

If it won't be listed for sale like Afternic

If it sounds like libra
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Do the Radio Test. If you hear it on a radio in a car and then can't remember it to type it out on your browser, you should not buy it.
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