How to reduce interest in hand registration?

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    Are you checking the names just expired or also names expired long time ago? There is a big difference.

    The problem is that you don't have to register the names you like but the few ones that may find a buyer. I like many names and I put them in my lists but they never get regged, probably I register one each 20/30 I like.

    Before you register one name you have to make researches. Check similar domains registered, if there are similar for sale and at what price, many check also the prices of similar domains sold in the past, I do it sometimes but I think is more important to see what's on the market now because these are the domains that will compete with your to find a buyer. If you don't know very good the niche check if businesses are using these keywords, check if there is a reason for someone to buy your domain.

    Someone may say that for 9 dollars is a lot of time to invest, but the true is that is difficult that one name sells the first year to one enduser. If you reg a name you must be ready to pay renewals, never register one name you are not going to renew.

    If you make all this in the right way you will see you will not go broke because you will register very few domains. IMHO
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    Take a break. Taking long breaks will help. Stricly do not visit any website that is related to domains - the only exception is to handle a sale from existing inventory. (edit)

    Focus on quality.

    Focus on Top Domains.

    Focus on selling first. No sales, no more purchases.

    Focus on developing your top 10.

    Renew a handful in advance and hide your credit card and make sure you do not have access to it. Therefore no new purchases.
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    Focus on selling first. No sales, no more purchases.

    Focus on developing your top 10.

    True advice.
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    there is nothing wrong with hand reg, all domains start there.

    do you think the quality of the hand reg is bad?

    newborns learn from experience, some mistakes are natural
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    And where can one find information on selling domains?
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    There could be many ways to sell.

    Buy they may be broadly classified into 4 main ways as :

    1.Passive Selling - Here all your efforts are on buying an excellent domain name.
    And you don't have to look for buyers, but they will contact you.
    You have to list them on popular sites like Afternic, Dan, NP, Sedo etc
    For brandable, you may list on Brandbucket, Squadhelp etc.

    This method does not need "Selling skill" but skill to identify a high potential domain
    and buy it at right price from existing owners.

    If you are new to domaining, you will have to put some hard work and time to read through this forum, appraisal sections and so on to become an expert in finding how to identify a good domain.

    2.Outbound - Search for "Outbound" on this forum -
    Needs a lot of patience and hardwork

    3.Auctions - Flippa , Namepros, Godaddy and Sedo etc
    But use this method only after reading and understanding about it on this forum.

    4.Contacting Brokers: This is not so common one.
    You can do this only if you have high valued domains, say above 50k valuations..

    Of all the above selling methods, the ideal method is the first one (passive selling) for obvious reasons.

    Specifically, you may learn about selling by following the discussions on this forum here:
    Home > Discussion > Domain Buying and Selling Discussion > Domain Selling and Domain Sales

    The forum is full of solid information.
    Use "search" feature to find specific things about selling.
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