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How to create a Godaddy landing page like this



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You can tell its not a real Godaddy page because it's not cluttered with other stuff to distract from the domain name owner's sale.
Yes I notice that..

    <title>Domain Inquiry Form - Awesome Domains</title>
    <meta charset='utf-8'>
    <meta content='index, follow' name='robots'>
    <meta content='width=device-width, initial-scale=1' name='viewport'>
    <link crossorigin='anonymous' href='' integrity='sha384-Smlep5jCw/wG7hdkwQ/Z5nLIefveQRIY9nfy6xoR1uRYBtpZgI6339F5dgvm/e9B' rel='stylesheet'>
    <link href="/stylesheets/style-gdan.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <link href="/stylesheets/style.css" rel="stylesheet" /><link href="/stylesheets/form.css" rel="stylesheet" />
    <!-- JavaScript -->
    <script src="/javascripts/wufoo.js"></script>
    <!--[if lt IE 10]>
      <script src=""></script>
    <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
    <script async='' src=''></script>
      window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
      function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
      gtag('js', new Date());
      gtag('config', 'UA-123348848-1');
<body id='public'>
  <div class='container ltr' id='container'>
    <div class='row'>
      <div class='col'>
        <div class='domainContact col-lg'>
          <img alt='logo' src='/images/godaddy-full-logo.png'>
          <h1 class='domain'></h1>
          <h2 class='forSale'>is for sale!</h2>
          <p class='para'>Need a price instantly? Contact us now.</p>
          <div class='tollFree'>
            <label class='toll'>Toll Free in the U.S.</label>
            <a class='phone main' href='tel:1-866-284-4125'>1 (866) 284-4125</a>
            <a class='phone international' href='tel:+1 339-222-5134'>+1 339-222-5134</a>
            <p class='para'>
              We can give you the price over the phone,
              help you with the purchase process, and answer any questions.
Using Godaddy image..and " <form accept-charset='UTF-8' action='"

Sure looks like "awesome domains" involved and using "" forms...

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Could be but I am not a lawyer so I really don't know. IP law is complex.

I like the feedback that people are interested in a GoDaddy Logo on the landing page. It is something we are seriously looking into. I hope our design team comes up with a better looking one than this though :)
GoDaddy is undoubtedly more widely recognized than Afternic. For this reason, GoDaddy branding will likely instil more confidence in potential buyers.

I love that it's in the works!
GoDaddy is undoubtedly more widely recognized than Afternic. For this reason, GoDaddy branding will likely instil more confidence in potential buyers.

I love that it's in the works!

This hypothesis surely will work. Is Afternic advertising on the SuperBowl? I don't think so! Godaddy already sell premium domains on Godaddy. It does not seem to be damaging the Godaddy brand at all.
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Not here :) and not only that I dont see the domain showing name servers when I ping it nor did I when I tried an hour or so ago using a third party as well. And anyway It is not a lander we make so they probably hacked something together in photoshop or something.

;; Got SERVFAIL reply from, trying next server



** server can't find NXDOMAIN
it was redirected to
i guess awesomedomain were using godaddy brand without permission
here is the screenshoot of proof


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@Joe Styler Godaddy is #1 and I'm sure you've noticed competition among registrars and aftermarket companies. Here's my solution.
Merging afternic and godaddy, you could force afternic premium transfers to mandatory buyer godaddy accounts, which is very good for you. That could make instant push and instant payments for anyone selling domains registered with godaddy or delayed payment if you are part of the afternic premium program.
Example: domain registered at dynadot, sold on godaddy marketplace, transferred to buyer godaddy account. dynadot gets a commission.
Right now, godaddy auctions are only useful for expired domains, not public user auctions. The solution is to create a totally seperate Godaddy Premium Auctions category with a $39 listing fee, only for domains registered with godaddy or part of afternic premium again with instant push and instant payment for godaddy domains to mandatory buyer godaddy accounts.
This could make a lot of people transfer their domains to godaddy, even with a 20% fee and paid privacy if its worth it. Upgrade to a 2019 platform and its cherry on top.
You could take care of both popular registrars and aftermarket companies.


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Also @Joe Styler your 20% commission is so fat that you could basically ask all the smaller companies like Namejet to display your $39 Premium Auctions in exchange for a commission. Win-win situation. Especially for us domainers that get displayed everywhere.
And more people forced to transfer their domains to godaddy to take advantage of those benefits.
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