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question How to ACTUALLY get domains that you want?

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Hello, getting overwhelmed with information overload lol.

Pending delete (expired domains) shows almost all good 4L domains to backorder at Catched .com but people prefer dropcatch/namejet. I have not backordered any domain till now.

What is the actual process to follow and buy a domain that you know others would also want and bid?
There are many such threads around this. However, just to answer your question, you would have to opt-in at DropCatch or some other service and pay a fee for backorder. After they catch the domain name (obviously, there would be others who backordered), it goes into a close auction between the ones who backordered and the person with the max bid wins the name.

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You request the name at DropCatch but any 4 letter you want is going to hit an auction no matter where it is so you won’t get it via backorder.

There is regular backorders and discount (on normal or less valuable names)

You do not have to pay anything unless you win so after the drop or after the auction if any auction happens.

At DropCatch you do not have to pre backorder to get in on the auction action like at NameJet. (Any of those are capable of catching but only one gets it to auction off)

(Maybe some of the OG’s can tell us last time you could get 4 letters via backorder 😂.)
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