question How Much Can I Earn With 15,000 Visitors ?


rikzy jezuli

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I am Considering Bidding In an Auction where a domain name with 15,000 monthly visitors is sold, should i go ahead and purchase this, how much money can i make parking this domain or redirecting traffic? Please Help Out!


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Not all traffic is valued the same, geography, niche,...also some times traffic is Fake, Bots...."Perform Due Dilligence".
Your question is too vague for someone to even attempt to answer.
You should probably ask how to research a domain names sources of traffic, backlinks, etc. and when you find that out as well as other info least of which niche/industry and geography then come back and ask your question along with those details and maybe someone can give you an idea.

Take Caution- it does happen that sometimes people buy domains with traffic that is not organic and artificially inflated.