Home Depot, Salesforce And Others Back In TM Fight

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    3,252 is drawing support in a fight over its name from companies including Home Depot and Salesforce, which argue that the online hotel reservation company is entitled to trademark protection.

    The battle hinges on whether the can obtain a trademark for a generic word “booking” followed by “.com.”

    The U.S. Patent and Trade Office refused to grant the company a trademark, arguing that generic terms followed by “.com” aren't trademarkable. sued over the decision, arguing that it is entitled to a trademark because consumers recognize its name as a brand.

    A trial judge and appellate court sided with The Patent and Trade Office is now appealing those rulings to the Supreme Court.

    Among other arguments, the agency says that awarding a trademark to a generic word plus “.com” would harm competition by allowing companies “to monopolize language.” countered in papers filed earlier this month that it needs a trademark to prevent other companies from duping consumers by using its name.

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    Wow, all public companies.

    This looks like has the potential to get ugly.

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    I thought it was perfectly fine to TM a [brand] + .com. like

    As long as they have no claim on the word without the prefix.
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    They are going too far with this request (IMO)
    I believe if such trade mark is granted, it's going to set a precedent for other companies to submit TM applications for generic terms which it shouldn't be acceptable at all.

    I'm feeling tented to create a petition at CHANGE.ORG to support The US Patent Office on not granting the trade Mark petition. The US Patent Office is being pushed to the edge by big companies looking for the way to create a monopoly...and it seems like nobody else cares about it even though, it some how could affect all of us.

    As domain investors, I believe we MUST support The US Patent Office on this battle.
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    1,079 have been seen threatening legal action to stop people from using the word 'Change' :bag: so maybe choose a different platform to put it on.

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