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    Is that good to invest in .cc for the future since there is still a lot of 3L 4 L domain unregistered which has a high keyword search and in market demand

    Kindly share some insight on .cc
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    A good question, but I don't want to sidetrack the NL thread to discuss virtues of one TLD. I hope you understand. You can see the sales in the TLD, at least those reported in NameBio, at this link. A bit over 2600 sales with an average price of just over $1000. The 12 sales above $20,000 are all either acronyms or numerics, but further down a good number of single English words also selling. I have in works, but still a month or more from publication, a blog looking at the .cc extension. Obviously each reader should, for all names, do their own research and a name in anyone's list does not necessarily mean it is a good investment. Thanks for your question.
  3. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for the tip, and yes I do try with $5 bids as my standard now, since the system will not let one set below $9 then it prevents any chance from setting a non-reversible action.
  4. Bob Hawkes

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    Here is a short list in which I concentrated on only single common word domain names with reasonable reserve prices. As always, do your own research! Some of these close in next day or less, so don't delay if you see a name you want to investigate. And please do add your own picks to this thread! The link takes you right to the listing. None of these names are my own. In only one case do I know who the owner is.
    1. Common word, perhaps good for negotiation, mediation, counselling. Just $9 minimum, if it counts down to that.
    2. This 5 yr aged dictionary word in .us extension might have literal, slang or other use.
    3. This 2 yr aged .io is a dictionary word from physics, but could find branding use in various types of spin. Just $9 reserve, but only few hours left.
    4. This 10 yr old .us carries just $9 reserve. With the elegance of stairways that are or look aged and beautiful balusters I could see various use possibilities.
    5. Just $18 reserve on this short .info name with 4-figure Estibot. Could see use as a phrase "traps info" or literally information on traps of various sorts. Easily remembered and written.
    6. $18 reserve on this .xyz with a high Estibot. Good reference site possibilities.
    7. Popular clothing term for kids and adults.
    8. I think bulletproof is considered a single word, and in parts of the world this is, unfortunately, probably a useful term. Just $9 reserve. Have not checked renewal fee for .taxi.
    9. Lots of attention on diversity in the workplace, and this is a descriptive match across the dot. Just $9 reserve.
    10. Just $18 reserve on this name that could make a great reference site. Use magnetism in so many modern devices, perhaps monetization possibilities.
    11. Arguably nice phrase match across dot and inexpensive renewal to hold .top. Just $9 reserve. Low 4-figure Estibot, although .top resale market pretty confined to China mainly.
    12. Nice match across dot in this one that useful for the online wedding ceremony business, although the $100 reserve probably high for an .online, even a popular single word, perhaps. But such a nice name decided to include it.
    13. Probably same seller also has this one, with same $100 reserve.
    14. I thought I should divulge that this dictionary word name is available! $27 reserve.
    15. 6 yr aged, 4-figure Estibot, just 3L name. Just $9 reserve Have not checked renewal rate. Clear use possibilities especially building, trades supply sectors.
    16. Those in Greater Toronto area might find good use for this 4 yr old .club domain name. Just $9 reserve. A few medical term single word .club closing about same time, also 4 yr aged.
    17. Just $9 reserve on this dictionary word .net. The .org of same word also selling on NameLiquidate, if you prefer that.
    18. Whether you mean the 9th letter in Greek alphabet, or a really tiny amount, this dictionary word carries a $9 minimum.
    19. OK I made an exception to English for this common French dictionary word for baby or infant. 3 yr old .co carries just $9 minimum. Used enough across languages strikes me as definite use possibilities in English countries as well.
    20. Just $9 minimum on this nice match across the dot for both a major province in Canada and the place in California. The .bargains extension not cheap to renew is main downside. Name does carry $1000 Estibot and in second year of life. Same word Ontario also available in .community and .cafe extensions, also nice matches.
    21. Just $9 reserve on this name that could be branded on numerous types of business, especially in tech world.
    22. Nice name for various sectors, and just $9 reserve.
    23. Common noun, although $187 reserve. Does carry Jan 2022 expiry, though.
    24. Interesting branding word in .ae, carries $69 reserve. A couple of other .ae single word names in NameLiquidate.
    25. Nice regional delivery descriptive name, with $69 reserve. Note that same seller also has .productions and .toys with Oregon at NameLiquidate.
    There are numerous other single word on NameLiquidate currently, especially in the .us, .info and .xyz extensions. Let me know if I have been tricked by any misspells.

    Happy domaining!

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  5. NicTraders

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    Highlighting some that I've put up for sale. You can click straight through to the auction page and I've even included the reserve here. - Good name for an online clothes or jewelry store, fashion website, or maybe a site for a fashion designer or about models. Aged 13 years. $19 - Great brandable name. Maybe for an adult site?... $29 - Amazing name for a real estate company with agents around the world. Or a site analyzing property trends, etc. Free logo with this domain - PM me after winning the auction. $29 - This would suit a site dedicated to comparing business banking products, or maybe venture capital, corporate finance, etc. Free logo with this domain - PM me after winning the auction. $39 - Possibly a brand name for kids' cubby houses, play equipment, etc. Or various animals have cubs… $10 - What better name for a site providing listings of shops in France, or an online store for French goods. $19 - An ideal name for a site about an electronic broadcast media - radio, TV, DVD's internet streaming and more. Being a .org it could be a nice site for an industry body. Aged 16 years. $19 - Nice one-word domain. Registered in dozens of other extensions. $29

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