Help me to better my portfolio (reward $50 for best - post)

Located in Domain Appraisal started by lolwarrior, Jan 13, 2019 at 4:16 PM.


  1. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    Hi friends.

    as some of you know, English is not my primary language. This is one of main reasons I suspect I have some bad domain names in my porffolio. Primarily, I am usually not sure about singular/plural forms of keywords, and I think some of them might be simply gramatically wrong. Naturally, I do not want to spend my money to pay for renewals for such domain names.

    Therefore I need your help.

    1. Domains to check are in my portfolio at:

    2. In your post, write 5 - 10 domain names you think are bad, (or at least worse then others I have)
    - but only 1 bad name per extension!

    (in another words, you need to write 5 - 10 bad domain names in different extensions)

    3. if you can or want, also write why you think the are bad (gramatically incorrect, does not really make sense, is not much used in this context, keyword does not go with extension, keyword not in large end user demand, or you just do not feel it, etc).

    4 Post into this thread until end of Thursday 17.1.2019 your time. All posts after this time period are welcomed, but they will not be eligible for chance to win financial reward described below.​

    I will publicly choose 1 post (it must contain comments on at least 5 of my domain names) and which I see as most helpful for me, and will pay reward of $50 to it's author.
    (Payment only via PayPal, so you need to have PayPal in order to be eligible for reward. In case you will not provide your PayPal address until 72 hours since I ask you via PM, I reserve my right to select another Namepros member instead.)

    Many Thanks :)
    PS: do not be afraid to criticise, this is the whole purpose of this exercise.​
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  2. mr-x

    mr-x Acme Domains Gold Account VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Quick glance, what I don't like. - too negative - uncomfortable in US English. - doesn't make sense. - meh..

    I like

    Good luck.
  3. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    Thanks a lot, it is very appreciated! That is exactly what I am looking for.

    PS also to other members: to have chance to win $50 (I know it is not a lot, but maybe enough for nice bottle of wine), minimum 5 bad domain names should be identified and comments provided on them. Thank you :)
  4. eurorealtor

    eurorealtor VIP

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    I've seen your website few weeks ago and my advice would be to quit newGTLDs and start from the scratch with .com, .org or even .sk. The renewals will kill your business.
  5. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    There is no way I am going to quit new gTLD and start with .com or .org :)

    If you still believe renewals in new gTLDs are high, you can learn some tips and tricks in the thread I started few weeks ago - after you read it (it is long, I admit) you will see that renewals of many new gTLDs are actually lower then those on .com or .org.

    In the thread here, I am only seeking advice on quality of keywords in my portfolio - this is not usual new gTLDs vs .com Namepros thread. Thanks for the understanding.
  6. Malik Olabiyi

    Malik Olabiyi New Member

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    I don't like all these:

    1. NYC is popularly known as New York City, the domains mean click New York City?

    2. (doesn't have any meaning, do you mean adding weed to pizza?)

    3. (this doesn't make any meaning to me. Do you mean pay live). will be better?

    4. (it doesn't make any meaning).

    5. (it isn't catchy, I preferred something like, or

    And also these are bad:

    - (do you mean people clicking blue color)?

    But do you think people will go for these extensions of yours?

    I suggest going into extensions like; .com, .org. .co, .io, .me, and popular countries's extension like, in (those countries that will surely need a domain name for their business) etc

    Wishing you good luck!

    Let me know if truly the winner. $50 will do a lot (solving my problems)!
  7. wesley sweatman

    wesley sweatman durfer VIP

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    oh well, I lose, they are all....AWESOME!

    I just don't know Czech those are cool anyway not knowing them. Keep the faith! whoohoo.
  8. ~ The 34 Year Buzz!!

    ~ The 34 Year Buzz!! Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Good news!
    Whenever a group of humans is so certain you are wrong, there is a great chance you are right. :)

    Don't give up too soon on the gTLD's.
  9. hawkeye

    hawkeye Top Member PRO VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    And then there's the better chance....'they' are right!
  10. Elad n

    Elad n Active Member VIP

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    10,005 - just dont get it cryptical ? no go no sense in it 2 words +vip and not the best ones - just 2 much imo .

    good luck!
  11. wwwweb

    wwwweb Top Member VIP

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    You make a good point as I believe .sale, and .forsale are both extensions.

    So could also be another option for a buyer. Adds a lot of confusion when branding, and marketing.

    It’s a tough go, as you are teased by these strong keyword terms, but having random dots in places they don’t belong make it very tough to move. They put them at $4.99 first year registration, and then they get you with an auto renewal, and then you emotionally invest yourself into the term, as you have no choice now.

    Luxury.Cars ok now we taking, but a $2.8K annual renewal make it an only end user buy.

    Don’t get me wrong I would say about a dozen or so domainers grabbed all the good stuff with eap and low rewnwals in the first 2.5 years, half of them are probably still fluid. After that it was high premiums, and reserves. Most extensions are rewriting business plans, and taking high premiums, and reserves off in trying to jumpstart their dead extensions.
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  12. shorterwinters

    shorterwinters Established Member

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    I really like some of your names. I think some are quite strong.

    These are ones on the front page that stand out to me the most that don't work in my mind.
    Only what I think, which doesn't matter in the end.

    thelas vegas. Just not feeling it. Throwing "the" in front really throws it off. Grammatically incorrect and wrong context. I think that Only, bestof, and oneandonly, and spectacular are examples of stronger ways to use that extension even if using Las.

    .coach. Gay. What the hell is that? Sarcasm or spoof I would think would be the only interest to an enduser?. You got a strong solo keyword going but not a good extension to go with it. gaylife, gay something else might help that one rather than being solo with that extension.

    .gold. Not really feeling anything with much of those. No pizazz, no...just nada. Her gold might be my fav there.

    .sale. keyword + for. Any luck with those? I can see the idea and thought process.........not feeling it tho. Hefty renewals? I would trim that one back if so. menclothes just doesn't get it regardless.

    .property. Looks good but....ehhhh, not that good. Now, That's a name. I like holiday and first but same thing. The plural extension in this (properties) is light years ahead of the singular (property) in pretty much every name there.

    .estate. Those seem to work better than .property on that page but again in most instances the plural .estates would work better but I think that's one to think about keeping so many of.

    .market. The + thestocks doesn't make sense. The other ones work, that one doesn't.

    Not feeling pot as a strong word for the cannabis market. Just not the word someone trying to legitimize, enhance, or bring value to the cannabis business would want to use I think. ehhhh. Now That's a name.

    Again, I think some of your names are quite strong.
    I wish you luck.
  13. namemarket

    namemarket Established Member ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Cannot tell you are non-native English speaking looking at the names. I do not see that many gramatically wrong and most appear to work well with extensions. If and when the newer tld's get popular that portfolio should be real valuable and assuming renewals are not high, IMO but again IF and WHEN.
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  14. Lagunaboy

    Lagunaboy Established Member

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    Well after looking at your portfolio even I'm surprised at your lack of .coms to be honest.
  15. J Sokol

    J Sokol Established Member

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    @lolwarrior, here are some thoughts about your domain names: or don't have much meaning. Remember that VIP means Very Important Person
    Some of the .estate names work well, but the United.Estate or names don't make sense. - that implies that the institute is free. doesn't work

    As a general rule, the first word or two should define the word in the extension -- so works but does not.

    It's good that you're evaluating your portfolio - refining your list will help you build a stronger portfolio.
  16. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    Thanks a lot, much appreciated :)
  17. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    @mr-x , @Malik Olabiyi , @Elad n @shorterwinters @J Sokol

    thank you for relevant and helpful posts, it is much appreciated!

    The rest:
    kindly consider not to "advise" me that I should invest in .com - you must certainly know by now that you can not succeed with that :)

    For those who post relevant and helpful posts about new gTLD names I own, chance for USD 50 is waiting (y)
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  18. MrAcidic

    MrAcidic Upgraded Member Gold Account VIP

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    Keeping it on point :xf.wink: (I just wanna be in for a shot at that $50! Being the betting man I am)

    1) stars .team

    From a grammar perspective it should be "Star Team" unless your angle was the Dallas Stars and even then that really limits your end user pool!

    No sales data for this year so 2018 sales below for "team" 3,436 USD 2018-12-27 Sedo 137 USD 2018-11-18 Dynadot

    The above is a really strong keyword and fits in great with the extension and just shows what a tough sell this extension will be for you.


    I personally do not see the connection between the 2 words, when I google it I see a model agency, ticket sites and a few photo galleries but are they going to think this is an upgrade? Probably not.....

    No sales data for 2019 + 2018 so sales data for 2017 below 520 USD 2017-10-24 NameJet 520 USD 2017-10-19 NameJet 388 USD 2017-07-31 Flippa 625 USD 2017-07-26 Uniregistry 900 USD 2017-07-25 Uniregistry 8,000 USD 2017-03-23 Uniregistry 588 USD 2017-01-19 Flippa

    Again this extension is going to prove a really difficult sell IMO


    I know where your coming from with this! Exclusive access to places, holidays etc. But grammar wise they do not fit, this should read "VIP Adventures".

    "adventures vip" only has 10,500 results for a reason

    No sales data this year so 2018 sales data below 151 USD 2018-09-30 Dynadot 126 USD 2018-05-08 4.CN

    Again the odds are against you with this extension.


    This should read "one beginning" So again is grammatically incorrect

    No sales data this year so 2018 sales data below 603 USD 2018-10-15 Dynadot 408 USD 2018-09-02 GoDaddy 100 USD 2018-08-08 Sedo 3,000 USD 2018-07-14 GoDaddy 160 USD 2018-07-10 Sedo 4,550 USD 2018-07-09 GoDaddy 5,000 USD 2018-03-06 GoDaddy

    A few sales from last year, but nothing to set the world alight.


    I am not feeling this one, it does not make sense to me and the majority of searches for "free institute" come up with a science museum. Very few end users for this one IMO.

    Namebio has NO sales data for this extension

    On the positive side you have some great names on your site!!

    All the best with your future sales......(y)
  19. creataweb

    creataweb Top Member VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    I'll try to help out here:

    UnEnding Life (sounds better as NeverEnding)
    UnFriendly Life - don't see any real use for this combo in the English language

    Emergence One - doesn't go together very well
    Idiot One - negative connotation

    ForFast Sale - not a great phrase in that order / combo
    MenClothesFor Sale - sounds better as MensClothes or MensClothing

    Stars Team - sounds better as Star Team

    Rental Fund - doesn't seem to go together

    Banks News - should be Bank News or Banking News
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  20. MapleDots

    MapleDots Domain Properties 2010 - 2019 VIP

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    I think we should respect the OP's request, there are small businesses and there are large businesses, there are beginners, and there are large corporations. Everyone works at the level they are comfortable with and we should stay on topic to @lolwarrior 's request, or if desired add the advice as a footnote to an on topic post.

    Now down to business....

    I'm with a lot of the posters here - sounds wrong - cannabis.something else would be better - beautiful is difficult for a lot of people to spell and makes a poor choice for an address - if you need coaching then you're probably not gay :xf.laugh: is spelled wrong - is english if that is what you are after, if not don't worry

    thelosvegas - sounds completely wrong and I could not find it a second time looking at the site, you have no keyword search feature and I could not do a control F to search for the word either. So actually putting the domain name under your graphic would allow a visitor to quickly hit control f anf find the domain a second time without having to scan all the way through. I know you have it by category too but if I am targeted and am looking for a specific name it makes sense to have the site as searchable as possible.

    Now the good....

    Royale.Casino sounds great
    Virtual.Fund - I like it
    Huge-One - has potential in a lot of places as well as porn - I could be mistaking but there is probably a real market for that. and all variation of are probably some of my faves, there is a lot of money to be made in property and I really like the way all those domains look and feel.

    All in all I think you have room to do a bit of fine tuning and by starting this topic you are on the right track.

    As far as the advice of some of your piers goes....

    There is room in your portfolio to drop domains and also to add strategic .com's to protect some of your more original combinations.

    Ie your business name: - now that one is taken but I am just showing you an example that some of the stronger ones may still have a .com available.

    Last piece of advice....

    A lot of the extensions like .online are English and adding another language look kind of odd. You have to be careful when putting them together because it is very doubtful a business would want to mix languages for their online presence.


    A lot of the members are telling you to diversify and not put all your eggs into one basket. If we take domaining out of that scenario and follow the financial advice given by most experts then that is sound advice. You have to balance the riskier investments with the ones that have a solid history. Now take that financial advice and convert it back to domaining.

    Anyways enough of my blabber... I wish you luck in your endeavours (y)
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  21. Rinkuji

    Rinkuji Active Member VIP

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    (could be better but plural kills it)

    (medical term (non profit) with wrong TLD (commercial) - .Com available)

    (Personally don't like - Actually Mike Mann owns and guess what, he is actually selling it for mid XXX may be lowest price offer of his portfolio. No need more explanation)

    (who want to become gold?)

    (these kind of brands best suited with .Com - what's better to tell your customers I'm owner of Yellow dot Estate OR YellowEstate(dot)com)

    (no such word - correct word is cryptic)

    (one sell till date of this TLD - Meaningless)

    (Is it shop for VIPs to buy Flowers? - .Com available)

    ("Show" is different thing - wrong TLD - could be best with .video / .game)

    (soo long - only 3 sell till date of .sale and all are single dictionary - BTW is available to Reg and its better than this)

    and last but least ...


    (Worst name as ngTLD domain market place. As you are selling only ngTLD then at least your website name should be related to .website .domains .name .site .shop .store etc. and it must match with keyword like Domain.Name The.Website Get.Domains Name.Shop Brand.Store etc. If you cant chose best name for yourself then how you can help others to build their brands)


    Hey @lolwarrior sorry brother it may be bit harsh but its reality.
    20% Names are good in your portfolio. 20% are OK and 60% are Junk. Its time to redevelop. Best Luck. (y)
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  22. wwwweb

    wwwweb Top Member VIP

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    .gold is very expensive basic renewal is $75 per year, but first year registrations are discounted.
  23. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    @wwwweb I am reading many of your posts about new gTLDs, where you say how much knowledge you have... I respect that, but imo you really get those renewals wrong. For example: if you would take few seconds and whois some of my .gold names, you would immediately learn where it is registered. After that, just visit website of that registrar and check the transfer and renewal price for .gold...and you will find out it is for $5 there .. seems like most people know that, except you.

    So if you want, pay $75 for it, and then complain how expensive new gTLDs are and how new gTLD investors are loosing money....or make some basic research and get it right :)
  24. lolwarrior

    lolwarrior Founder, Brands.International VIP

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    @MrAcidic @Rinkuji @creataweb @MapleDots

    Thank you guys for amazing feedback, it is much appreciated that you took your time share your thoughts!

    It is going be very hard decision where to send those $50
  25. wwwweb

    wwwweb Top Member VIP

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    As I stated the promo discount is usually $10 to register a new .gold, renewal of .golds are $75 for non premium, as for register, trasfer/renew cat, and mouse loopholes, I have no idea, extremely time consuming, maybe others can weigh in. I own one gold gtld, BuySell/Gold and it costs about $75 per year to renew, and it is not a premium, I don't quite understand what you are saying, unless you are saying if you play transfer promos for $5 at certain registers you can escape paying the year 2 increased renewal.

    Maybe others can weigh in.

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