HD bot is piggybacking

Located in Domain Marketplace Reviews started by Dave, Nov 8, 2019 at 7:06 PM.


  1. Steven McEvoy

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    No i meant like If you bid and you broke the wall youre stuck with the bill lol.
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  2. wwwweb

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    Yes, you get stuck with the bid, they won’t be coming back, and that does happen a lot of the time.
  3. Page Howe

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    ive got some thoughts in a blog post back in August. If you reset your expectations to namejet and count the rise from 12 to 69 as just getting to namejet, many many many more names warrant a bid, dont walk bit what you would be happy to pay.

    plus dont forget, it was a gift that huge was a HUGE player in drops on the deletion cycle, and left pre-release auctions to the rest of us for so long..
  4. Lox

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    Bidder: It's not fair!
    HD: Thanks for watching! Please be sure to check out all my domains @ hd com

    Bidder: Where do unsold domains go?
    HD: DropCatch is the premier destination

    Salt & Pepper
  5. barman

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    I've been "piggybacked" by the HD bot several times. It has cost me thousands of dollars over the course of my time as a domainer.

    So f*ck them. I will do my best to cost them every penny I can as well!
  6. Nikhil Jain

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    I would say the best solution to the problem is not to place that first bid, and have a better chance to own the domain at the Closeouts.

    Making the bot overpay would only cost us some decent names which we might have otherwise picked up for ourselves.

    Losing to a fellow investor in the game of "Fastest Finger First" is much better than losing to the bot, unless one really really loves that name to not regret outbidding HD in order to win the domain.
  7. tonyk2000

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    If the domain is in hugedomains wishlist - then we would have zero chance to grab it as closeout. Indeed, one may refresh the page as often as humanly possible, If there are a few humans doing the same - somebody will be the first to add it to the cart. Of course, the only interested person would also be able to add it to the cart. All other "refreshers" will have an "add to cart error". The fact is that, if hugedomains wants this particular closeout - then ADD TO CART link will never appear. I've experienced this myself a lot of times. Even though GD publicly stated that all participants do have equal access, there must be something else we are not (yet) aware of. For example, hugedomains may be allowed to use 100-...1000 godaddy accounts (with an api access assigned to each account, and with consolidated billing to simplify everything) just to grab closeouts, and send a bunch of parallel "add to cart" API requests at the same time. Yeah, all accounts still have equal access, no doubts.

    Of course, if the closeout domain is not in hugedomains wishlist (nor is it in any other bots wishlist) - then the "no bidding" scheme will work.
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  8. woolwit

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    I wonder if HG gets part of their lists from the daily DomainerBlog lists.
    Also if I knew that the HG bot would bid between 9-12% of the GD valuation, then when I bid on a name, and saw it getting out of my budget, I could feel confident about bidding it up to around 8% of GD valuation without getting stuck.
    Also (sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere) but do we have any idea how HG is doing as a business? I've been around long enough to have seen quite a few of the mighty fall.
    I think it's important to not hate on GD too much, at least their names drop, and managers come and go.
    The basic problem seems to be, How do you prevent greedy players from benefiting from the investment of YOUR time and effort?
    When GD stopped showing us closing prices on domains in our watch list, that was a clear signal, to me anyway, that they no longer cared about transparency and an even playing field.
    Does anyone have data about what a GD bot can do? Is the API info public, or do you have to be approved before you can see it?
  9. ecomslice

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    All monopoly's get overturned at one point or another.
    Huge Domains has monopolized and they will be in line to find resistance just the same.
    Ethics, in this case, are subjective and no judgment should be laid for any party who chooses to take part.
    This is fair game, and if we all join in OP efforts we can make an impact.
    I suggest all who became greedy to take caution.
    Huge, you are first in line of fire. Get ready.
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  10. ecomslice

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    imho , Godaddy is being relentless in acquiring portfolios and throttling auctions to provide this increase for earnings, I have no doubt their liquidity of new registrations is on a decline along with hosting etc.. Their game of juggling will come to a peak in the near future. They are another monopoly in the line of fire.
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  11. Dave

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    Why was this thread moved? I did not give a marketplace review.

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