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    I'm not really sure how to explain this, but I found a few available domain names that get a ton of searches per month on Google. I don't want to say the names though because they could be very valuable, but I'm not really sure how people appraise a domain name from results like that.

    Say for instance, a domain name I found gets 165,000 searches globally per month on Google. It also gets 60,500 searches locally. Is this pretty valuable?

    Just wondering how people go about appraising domains using this information. Thanks for the help!

    Edit: I just found one that gets 368,000 searches globally/month and 301,000/month locally. What's it worth? It's 2 words and it's 13 characters. Also, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't quite put a category on this question.

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    Make sure you're getting "exact" results instead of "broad". Scroll down and check the appropriate box on the left.
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    Generally speaking, if some product or service can be exchanged for monetary gain then it can be deemed "valuable" though this is hit and miss the first few times you do it until you gain more experience in recognising what makes something worth lots and something worth sod all :)

    It may have development potential more than domain resale potential if there are grammatical oddities in it.

    Often I find available domains with good searches but when said to yourself don't seem to make much sense, but if they truly do have the search queries you state it is better to at least give it a try for the cost of a big mac and coke :)
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    I have a dart and three targets on my office wall. One target says "reg fee", one says "reboot", and one says "grace delete". When I find a domain (or do an appraisal), I throw the dart.
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    That's at least unusual. I have 1 dartboard and three darts :)
  6. DU

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    I've read your appraisals. You have three darts.
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    Search results volume is not and cannot be the sole factor to determine the value of a domain name. As I write this, there is a huge number of domains that dropped and are still available, with 100K or even more search volume and they are completely worthless. Why is that? because they have no possible commercial use.

    When determining the value of a domain, there are several key factors to consider and that must be done as a set of factors, not individually. These include search volume, number of potential end-users, how the domain looks and sounds, etc.

    In short, keyword search volume does not determine the value of a domain name.
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    also, don't forget the scarcity of the name, you might have bobsbaitandtackle that is premium in .fish but you can get it for regular price in .com .net and .org etc. Just because its a premium doesn't mean its expensive.

    and on the other hand, you have trademarks, copyrights, and single generic words that are valuable or untouchable with the cheapest tlds also.
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    Remember to check if they're trademarked. May not be worth it if so.
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    I think there is quite a lot of gut feeling involved. Take a phrase like "hot rat" - searches for "hot rat" and "rat hot" - the quotes give you exact phrase results - provide different results. "rat hot" tells you how to keep your rat cool in summer, "hot rat" throws up results for hot rat rods ( cars) and this obviously has more potential for monetisation. There are also some distraction results such as pop groups and songs.

    You don't mention extensions. ,com is worth more, other extensions are usually worth considerably less. If the last keyword is the extension, then you face a bit of a struggle to get surfers to accept the name. I've learnt this from my experiment with

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