discuss Has the Meta Craze Slowed?

I had a ton of low ball offers the first week after the news, now I get views but no offers. Meta has not knocked down my door looking to buy my names. I am holding for the right offers.
How about everyone else? Any great offers?
Any big business offers?
How did you sell?
Feel free to spam if you are selling - I may post mine later - I didn't want this to be my personal shill post, I am interested in perspectives.
Meta and the forgotten second part - Horizon.


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I don't think it's slowed, I think the crazed buying has lessened due to the uncertainty with trademarks. When more of the trademarks are finialized I expect sales to pick up a bit more. There are still buys seeding under the surfaces.
Nice. When you mean finalized what do you mean?
I think FB was the focus and they did their big announcement and are done with that. So now we have to wait for more people to step up and do the same thing.

Some companies are doing it now and some countries are as well. But it has not really gone critical mass yet.
If you're on about Meta PC it looks like it hasn't got legs at all.

They've even been sent a letter by USPTO that they believe it will be confused with a previous registered mark, they're doing their job as expected. This is in the documents for the META PC 'Meta' TM filing:


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All this booklicking is getting ridiculously cringey. I doubt even Mark Metaberg is losing as much sleep over this as some people here are.
You mean looking at people's registered trademarks and taking it into account before registering and trying to sell domains?
"Meta" is a word, in more than one language. Facebook doesn't own any word it and never will.
I'd tend to agree with you, but it's a bit of a simplistic view. They are able to trade under that name cause they registered it, that's how it works. Got to be aware of these things to ensure you don't fall foul of the law like anything else.
What law prevents someone registering a domain name with the word "meta"?
No law prevents someone registering a domain with the word meta. However if you misuse their registered mark they can take aim at you. For instance posting your domain in a Namepros thread about FB switching to meta is not wise.


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every fad fomo bs eventually slows... for domainers..

few morons reg most useless names.. we all been there. and party over. it's for the best

well.. i had few low balls too..only have handful names tho

but it ended nicely with 1k offer on metaverse,porno,com a day ago..

so maybe I can push it into low 5fig sale..we will see.. rest looked like domainers fishing for other stupid domainers who might sell decent
names for shite money.
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