Has anyone successfully sold ebooks

I'm launching an ebook store just wondering if anyone has had great success with this product

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I have written about 8 ebooks and I am currently re-writing a few of them, it is a bit like the music industry. Many people do it and there is only limited success for a few, Rod.Tv redirects to my ebooks. I realise my first "author" attempts were a bit shabby but when you self publish it does not matter as long as the cover is in the correct dimensions and the formatting is correct. Your ebook is accepted regardless. I am using smashwords who unlike Amazon Kindle do not require a $100 minimum payout, smashwords is only $10. I used to list my ebooks for free but now ask a token $1-$2 for my efforts. I have discovered I can write a good story ....... but do not claim to be a good author. Smashwords do offer affiliate links, hope that helps


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I will for sure check out smashwords I had success on eBay years ago selling how to rainbow tone your coins for $7.99 and it was selling consistently until eBay removed it because it went against there policy

I mainly want to create how to ebooks but need to figure out how and where traffic will come from I figure if 1% of a million people buy an Ebook for $2 a pop that's $20,000