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This is pretty exciting news for Handshake domain investors:

Impervious.com has developed and released the beta edition of first-ever Handshake-compatible desktop browser. The browser is based on Chromium. What does this mean for Handshake domain investors and users? Finally we can access our developed domains without having to monkey around with config multiple settings to see them in action. It also brings a sense of normalcy to prospective TLD buyers and new end users to what is expected when accessing domain names: simply type in the name in the browser and it resolves.

There's been a lot of hard work over the years by Handshake engineers to make the HNS Web3 accessibility a reality, beginning with using an hns.to address as a gateway, then moving to browser extensions and public resolvers, then a lightclient, and now finally an actual desktop browser.

This is quite the feat and I think a huge step towards more adoption in the Handshake protocol. I had a chance to install the Windows version and can confirm both second-level domains and top-level domains resolve seamlessly. More exciting news to come this year from the browser behemoth Opera whom has promised to integrate Handshake domain accessibility this year.

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Everyone, I think this may be a game changer. I downloaded the browser and every HNS name that I tested works! You don't need to put any forward slash at the end. So, if Namepros.com owns just Namepros via Namebase.io/Namecheap.com, you can now use the Beacon browser and type in "Namepros" and it works. Again, you don't need to type in "Namepros/" with the forward slash.

If I was anyone on this forum, I would at least try to buy one name, just to test the waters.

Just to let you know, I bought a couple of HNS names about maybe two years ago. It's sort of crazy that now I own my own TLD that can finally be up and running on the Beacon broswer (I know it's in Beta), and hopefully soon, other browsers to come.

Now if I owned the TLD "BigMac" I don't by the way, I now can have right now a simple webpage on:


Thanks @HotKey
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Made in Canada
Everyone, I think this may be a game changer. I downloaded the browser and every HNS name that I tested works!
The example given in the tweet, which I tested, shows a secure connection (https) too!


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..best for buying and selling. What else.. this is all we do.

I like .c because it is short for .com (although I don't like .com),
but maybe things like .1 may be more interesting to others.
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