Had a baby @ 48 last year. She's gonna be 1 guys! Pics inside.

So I had a baby last year. That's why I haven't posted on here in a while. Her name is Simone Freya. She's one of those Pandemic babies. Lucky baby mama had good insurance. We ended up in Langone Hospital in New York. Very expensive. I think the bill was like $50,000 all covered. (Thank god!) copay was only $3000.

Enjoy the pics. Watch this thread. I'll be posting more pics now and then. She's an angel with a killer smile. I kid you not. She's been smilin since the womb. Check the pics!


Woops. Photos too big. NP won't let me do more in this post. I'll post more later.

It's been crazy. no sleep. Changing diapers every 3-4 hours. And yes all matter of poo. Sleepless nights because she won't sleep.

If I didn't worry about money before? I'm definitely stressing it now. thinking about how I'm gonna pay for all this.

Oh and I went to the dentist this year caught Covid and then gave it to the baby. She's ok had a fever. Didn't really give her much medicine except tylenol.

I went to dentist on a Thursday went home hugged and kissed me kid. The next day Dentist receptionist called told me someone who came in before me at their clinic called said they were exposed to Covid. Just my luck. 2 years of nonexposure. I take off my mask at the dentist and I get covid. Ridiculous. Lucky I had 2 shots of Pfizer already but no booster.

If anyone has any advise or tips for a new dad at 48 please do share. I'd appreciate it.

Oh and her Birthday is this Monday. She's gonna be 1! Time flies. Amazing.
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