Google Meet is now free for all, but someone paid $1,950 for the .com and now comes the UDRP

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    Last week when you logged into your Gmail account you probably noticed you now have Meet in your lefthand sidebar. Google released Meet for free to everyone earlier this month. The Zoom rival was announced in a blog post on the Google blog. From the article: Google Meet, originally built for secure business meetings, to […]

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  2. The Durfer

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  3. Samer

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    too little too late;

    They had chance to kill Zoom market share.
  4. FolioTeam

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  5. DigitalRoar

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    I heard a lot of people saying they can't wait to stop using Zoom, plus if Google Meet is 100% free it can still take over especially since you have to pay for zoom meetings over 40 minutes, since most are teachers who look to save money. I can see a lot of people switching over & already have as a scheduled zoom meeting was switched to Google meet a couple days ago. Might make it easier for a lot of people since nearly everyone uses Gmail & Google Calendar. I personally still like Skype though :P
  6. CraigD

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    I find it odd that a tech. giant like Google, having obviously had a development team working on this feature for a while now, would not have scoped out the terrain and nabbed that domain when it dropped. The cost of their legal team filing a UDRP will far outweigh the $1950 that the domain was caught and auctioned for.
  7. MadAboutDomains

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    Interesting. All I've heard is praise for the quality of the platform. Why do they dislike it so much?
  8. NickB

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    security concerns

    We had a lot senior executives at FTSE 100 & Fortune 500 companies saying they can't use Zoom because of company policy
  9. Abdullah Abdullah

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    Money is nothing to Google first of all, also if they want to use UDRP, they will get it surely so no big deal.
  10. CraigD

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    Or perhaps they are happy to file the occasional UDRP as a public deterrent.
  11. Bob Hawkes

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    Thanks for article @equity78 .

    Quite apart from the issue of the domain name, will be interesting to see how the battle for market share between Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet works out (along with other players in market).

    Zoom has a solution that seems to work superbly well across many devices and operating systems. It just works. It also is intuitive, even to those not much into technology experience. My wife often asks me computer related questions. We installed Zoom on her laptop, she uses it daily in a school sponsored reading program with our grandson in grade 1. Neither have needed technical help. I have been impressed. Few things work so smoothly.

    I have yet to try Google Meet, but have used Teams a bit. Certainly across different platforms Teams is less consistent and fully-functioned (i.e. some things like chat are different or not present if on Mac vs Windows).

    Google Meet appears to be free for up to 100 participants and 60 minute calls. That will make the environment for Zoom making money harder. Apparently the time restriction is not being applied until end of September though.

    Zoom was started by an engineering team who wanted a technical experience with a positive user interface. That mindset shows.

    As @NickB mentions some big organizations have restricted Zoom because of concerns over security related issues. I don't know enough to know how serious those are. Clearly from recent statements Zoom realize that is job 1 right now, and their acquisition this month of Canadian startup shows they are serious.

    Maybe somewhat off-topic, but would like to hear whether domain investors are using the video conferencing tools in ways other than the weekly domain hour(s) meeting. E.g. do people schedule Zoom with potential client to negotiate a domain name sale? Or maybe just early stage to talk name options?

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  12. NameDeck

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    I do but I use Meet, Skype or Whatsapp. I used Zoom a couple of times in the past few months to connect with family but didn't really like it.

    To be fair, we are using Gsuite and are using Chromebooks a lot so Meet is the obvious/known choice.
  13. dombastic

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    Don't drink and buy.
  14. CraigD

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    I have actually had two requests this week to use either Zoom or WhatsApp to 'close deals' but since they were both from random emails (Gmail and 163) and I cannot verify who the person is, I am not interested. I think that email is a safe and adequate form of communication.

    Am I wrong to ignore such requests from random strangers?
    I would expect a serious offer to come from a company or website email address
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