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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisal' started by Dansdomainarbitrage, Jan 10, 2018.


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    Hi Dan.
    Most of what I'm going to say here has already been mentioned, but since I am the Master of the Obvious I'll repeat some of it.
    It seems to me that some very experienced domainers in this thread have tried to give you very good advice but you have a comeback against what they are saying.
    There are only two kinds of sales. Sell it someone that wants to make a website out of it, or sell it to someone that will try to sell it to someone that wants to make a website out of it.
    The domains you registered don't have the juice to become websites considering you or someone will have to compete with already established sites with better, more relevant names.
    If the domain doesn't generate traffic on it's own then it will cost you or someone else building the site so much money that it wouldn't be practical, when some of that money could be spent buying a better domain.

    It has already been mentioned that the auto appraisal prices are generally worthless, but you keep referring to them as the example of value. They are not.

    There are a couple of domains in your list that make sense, but they are NETs.
    For someone to put in the time and money developing a commerce site that will forever leak traffic to the COM is just not practical.
    And generally anybody that knows what it takes to make money off of a website will not use the NET.

    You need to ask yourself these questions when looking at the domains you have already registered, what is going to be sold or what service offered, how many different ways can the words or like words still be registered, what makes your combo of words better than another phrase framed differently?

    These are in the wrong order and the competition would be too high even if they were in the right order. Type them into Google and see what comes up. How much would it cost to bring them to rank higher than what is already there.

    The TM names wont sell because nobody that would develop a site wants the issues that come with them, and just so you know, experienced domainers don't appreciate those that register TM names because it make the entire industry look bad. That whole squatting thing, you know?

    I'm sorry to say but you have spent too much money already and you need to hit the reset button, spend time on the forum reading threads in the beginner forum and keep the credit card in your wallet until you understand what makes a domain valuable.

    You are trying to play in the big leagues with the skill of a kid playing T ball.

    I wish you good luck in your future domaining adventures, but remember this is a business and to succeed you need to know the ins and outs.

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