Godaddy worst domain registrar - DO NOT BUY or choose for large portfolio

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    Well lets not agree as your dns is easily managed with a few clicks and you chose to make it your title to bad mouth a business as experienced users see that you could do that with more patience learning the navigation.
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    It's not about DNS, every company runs on support specially when you are an internet company and the most important thing in my opinion is SUPPORT and if the company has the lowest level of support than in my opinion STAY AWAY.

    I can do API and most advance things myself as I used to do programming long ago and understand it very well and can sync and all, but keep in mind the customer services is the key.

    I wonder the companies started to grow and give less on support.

    GoDaddy Cons:
    1 - Very Bad Staff - Know nothing!
    2 - Interface with Bugs

    Godaddy Pros:
    1 - Godaddy Auctions.

    I am not a fan of any registrar but love to tell and give my honest opinion as when handling couple of thousand of names than you can see the difference.

    Thank you.
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    Paul, thanks for participating.

    But honestly it is unbelievable that some bugs that I reported years ago, still there, and new ones come in regularly with no fix.

    How can a multi-billion company be excused that I have 5.5K names with you and am stuck doing changes 15 names at a time, because if choose 17, then it gives an error?

    I cannot remove names from folders, I cannot add names to folders.

    500 names get loaded per page, but first the first column loads with names, and then the rest, so you keep scrolling and the bottom 5 names are without details, because it stops loading them with no further scrolling.

    I cannot filter the names in my account by length, how difficult would that be to implement?

    There are names that have forwarding is set, but in the list don't show it as set. And even redoing it won't help for those names... And the list goes on and on...

    And yes, I have a premier rep, and yes, the issues has long been reported.

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