GoDaddy files patent applicaton for “recommending domains from free text”

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    GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) has filed U.S. Patent and Trademark application number 16/235333 (pdf) for “recommending domains from free text”.

    The application describes a way to generate domain name suggestions based on data and free text rather than a user searching for keywords.

    From the application:

    The disclosed embodiments automatically recommend domain names by making use of data provided by the users: 1) during creation, by the user, of a web hosting or other account; and/or 2) mining and making use of the relevant data within the content of files within the repository. The creation of a hosting account may include collecting user input from the user, using a graphical user interface (GUI) and one or more GUI components displayed on a client computer. This user input may include the user’s name, email address, physical address (including street address, city, county, state, country, etc.), username, title for the repository or collection of files (e.g., a website title), description of the repository or collection (e.g., a website description), any other sentence of notes associated with the repository, a business category associated with the user’s business, etc.

    Once the user hosting account is established, the user may upload the files to the repository, or otherwise transfer the files through the network for storage. The disclosed system may then use the provided user input, and/or content within the provided files, to automatically identify the main concept from a collection of identified keyword within the rich amount of text contents, while eliminating other irrelevant concepts. These irrelevant concepts may include, as non-limiting examples, stop words, grammatically incorrect phrases, and terms or phrases common to all websites (e.g., “about us”).

    Thus, the disclosed system determines how to generate meaningful domain name recommendations based on relevant concepts, which also remove irrelevant keywords or phrases, thereby providing one or more domain names that are shorter and easier for the user to remember.
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    Spells doom for hand-regs
  3. Brian L.

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    Just one of many DOA patent applications.
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  4. Way3

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    Don't really think this will hurt if implemented, people rarely act on opportunities when presented with too many options, creatures of habit, they'll lean toward what they wanted in the first place
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    Hmmmmmm, now let me see. How much money does GoDaddy have to pay the fines that will come from the EU?
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    So GoDaddy now owns the internets :xf.eek:
  7. Top Contributor VIP Gold Account

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    I'm not on call,
    I only call results,
    Can we ultimately sell the domain name?

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