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GoDaddy Auction strategy- Auction vs Closeouts



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Greetings to everyone,

I'm bidding on Godaddy's expired auctions.
I don't target very competitive domain names with a GoDaddy valuation of $2500 or more.
Although most of my names are between $1200 and $1800, it's hard to get hold of domain names on GoDaddy for a base price.

I bid only when there is 05:30 minutes left.
When I place my bid, quite often someone else bids on that domain name as well, and the bid becomes too high for me to hold.

I know most people bid last-minute, but still names with such low GoDaddy valuation are being targeted. This makes me think I'm only looking for good names for people with deep pockets.

Should I wait for the domain name to appear in Closeout?
What's the ideal price to get that domain name ($50, $40, $30, $11 or $5) if it's in Closeouts?
Are low-rated domain names more likely to be available until they are $5 or $11 at closeout?

Knowing your strategy for GoDaddy auctions would be really helpful. Thanks.
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