Get NFT Ready Project - 10k NFT + Minting & Staking DAPP(Web3 App) + ERC721 Smart Contract Deployment + Automatic Opensea Marketplace Listing


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What will you receive as a result of your purchase of our ready NFT project?

All our ready NFT projects are multifunctional NFT projects:
  • A Project website
  • 10,000 NFT collection
  • Minting Web3 App
  • NFT Staking Engine
  • Utility Token Staking Engine
  • 100,000 minted $Utility Token, (Projet buyer can mint or burn any amount of utility tokens).
  • ERC721 Smart Contract ownership transfer
  • ERC20 Staking Smart Contract ownership transfer
  • ERC20 Token/NFT Staking Smart Contract ownership transfer
  • Domain Name
  • Complete Ownership Transfer

To check our Ready-to-Launch NFT project please visit https://oykin.com/projects

Skype: Click here to join Skype

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Q: Will my purchase of the NFT project leave any traces on your website, as I do not wish to be exposed as an NFT purchaser?
A: As soon as we sold the NFT project we delete the listing on our website, it leaves no traces so it looks good.

Q: I've my own NFT collections but I need all the features that you have in the Ready to Launch project, is it possible?
A: Yes, please send me a message, will discuss this further.

Q: Which blockchain is deployed?
A: We deployed it on Polygon Mainnet, which gives the benefit of 0 Gas fees.

Q: I don't want it on Polygon Mainnet, I need it on Ethereum?
A: Well we can deploy it on Ethereum but the buyer should provide 0.3ETH for gas fees for Smart contract deployment.

Q: How many Smart contracts are available for this project?
A: It comes with a total of 3 Smart Contracts.

Q: Why there are only 10-20 NFTs on Opensea?
A: To demonstrate we minted the first 10-20 NFTs, don't worry we will transfer all minted NFTs into the buyer's wallet.

Q: How does the minting work?
A: The user will visit your website and pay the fees for minting, after successful minting the NFTs will appear on their Opensea account automatically, there is no manual action required.

Q: Where do the fees go to?
A: The minting fees go to the Smart Contract address, you can withdraw it any time.

Q: Is the Project live?
A: Yes, it's live on Mainnet.

Q: Why is it a Great Opportunity?
  • NFT is the Trending Business these days and you have to ride the wave. This is an offer that you will not find anywhere else at this price.
  • If you Sold The NFT for 0.03 ETH (just for example you can sell for 0.05 ETH or more)
  • You will gate in an Average of 0.03 x 10 000 = 300 ETH (which is approximate $900,000 market value at the time of writing)

To know more about requirements and all other doubts and questions please visit our site Oykin.com/projects
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Autopilot Website

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Stop buying NFTs and start selling your own NFT's

5 More remaining projects, DM me for inquiries or visit https://oykin.com/projects to know more about our NFT Projects
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Autopilot Website

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Several of our completed projects have been included in the above description. Kindly have a look. Our portfolio itself tells you everything about our experience.

Autopilot Website

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You don't need a single line of code and I'll take care of all technical aspects.

Autopilot Website

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Start selling your own Collection without any technical knowledge. Sounds simple right, yes it is. What are you waiting for? Send me a Direct message or type your message in the box below.
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