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I've recently had someone reach out to me with regard to selling this domain name.

It's not my area of expertise, but I was hoping that somebody could tell me what it is (potentially) worth, especially given it's strong keywording.



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The "FINANCE" extension doesn't command much credibility. If its a Finance company that has approached and they're super keen for it, fantastic...take an offer. Aside from the miracle, I'd be fairly conservative more often than not, on such extensions. IMO
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Future Sensors

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The .finance TLD is popular within the banking, Crypto, DeFi and NFT communities. I've personally sold two .finance domains (Mining & Cargo). Cargo is now a developed site.

The domain '' is rather short, and could be used as a call-to-action (CTA) domain. 'GET' may even be an abbreviation / acronym for something. [1]

The renewal fee for your domain is about USD 218 every year (this is the Porkbun's transfer price) or even more, which influences pricing. If you have owned this domain since April 2016 (creation date), you've already spent quite a bit of money on the renewals. The domain is renewed until April, 2023.

It's difficult to put a price on it, especially in the Crypto scene. I don't know your situation, quality and quantity of your portfolio, or domaining strategy. Do you want to liquidate, or are you able to wait?

You could start with a BIN of maybe USD 5,288 or USD 4,888 and then lower this gradually to 4,288, 3,888, 3,288, etc. during the coming year. But it wouldn't surprise me either if the domain sold for more.

Note that there's also a .financial TLD, which can be a bit confusing.

Is this the only .finance domain in your portfolio?

Good luck, and welcome to NamePros.

ps, your name would be an excellent CTA domain for the .finance registry itself ;)

[1] Some examples:
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@Future Sensors does seem to be experienced in this extension. I'll give his appraisal utmost importance if I were you. But before you purchase it, you should consider the renewal fees. There is no point buying what you wouldn't be able to hold for long.
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