Future of New Domain Names in Voice Recognition and AI.

Labeled as news in Domain Industry News, started by Brands.International, Oct 19, 2020


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    It's not related. I see other people in this thread trying to twist their mind trying to figure out what that article has to do with it.

    It's basic promotion, that's it. I saw that page and it was nonsense. Promotion and backlinks.

    These type of self-promoting threads should not be in the Domain Industry News section, it should be in the Promotional section where they belong.
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    Actually, I quite agree with you, in fact I made the same comment a number of years back.
    The day will come when you will say to your car got to farmer jacks house and the address will be irrelevant.
    Same thing goes for internet addresses, you simply say apple and you go there regardless of extension.

    Now before we all start to argue about this there will always be one factor....

    WE ALL NEED A REAL STREET ADDRESS - that can be a street or an internet address.

    Don't know about you but I would rather have a prestigious address instead of an ordinary one.
    Same house will be worth more or less depending on the location of the lot.

    Also, value can only be applied to an object if it is rare, as soon as it becomes readily available the value drops.
    Look at bitcoin as an example, it has to go up as more people use it, they cannot make more, same goes with .com's.

    Many precious metals are the same way, the more scarce the more valuable.

    So basically the .com will always be the collectable, it will always be sought after until the day the internet no longer uses addresses for any purpose. Chances of that happening though are pretty slim though because imagine a business card without an address.
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    I disagree. How else could you demonstrate potential usage of new gTLDs in plain written English text, then ... using new gTLDs? When I write this type of article I need to use some domain names, and of course, I will need to use my domain names, as I do not have permission from other people to use their domain names.

    So what promotion do you speak about? How else should it be written?

    PS: sure, new gTLDs used like that creates backlinks .. this is one of the reasons I am so strong advocate of them, and that was one of the points the article is trying to convey :)
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    I totally agree with you @MapleDots - in my opinion, have a great .com, have a great ccTLD, or have a great new gTLD - the domain name must be great, unique, and memorable, these are the main criteria.

    I also agree that .com will be collectable in the next decades. Look, I am now 41 ... in 30 years, I will be only 71, in 60 years I will be only 101 - and will still enjoy domain names, among many other things. Will .com be THE KING in 30 years or in 60 years, will it have some unique properties over other TLDs? I personally do not believe so. But I can imagine it will definitely be collectable because of its historical significance - it was the first major TLD on the internet, after all.

    Let's discuss this again in 30 or 60 years :)

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