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Mid hundreds, maybe. My only criticism of it would be log cabins, lodges or chalets are often short term stays ...a place as a getaway / self catering type things. In my experience, they are usually furnished for your stay, which makes me feel its a bit redundant stating you have furnished cabins in the domain brand. Also, if it happened to be furnished cabins "for sale", you'd probably be buying your own furnishings, than any existing furnishings that are there, as you'd be owning it. Maybe I'm overthinking, hope you get something

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It's an interesting one. To me, whether or not this name is good, depends on what you sell.
If you are renting cabins with this name, then it's a miss. All cabins by default one way or another are furnished, it's like selling ''4-wheeled cars''.
However, if you actually do construct and furnish cabins (precisely for the clients that later rent them), then it's a cool name.
I know you are just a seller of a name, but I was looking from the perspective of a potential client.
I think you can sell it, however the niche is narrow. Try high XXX and see what happened.

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Thank you @jhm, @VadimK Iberica and @brainland for your valuable opinion.
I agree with the fact that this domain shouldn't be used for a short term stay or rental business.

I'm just gonna think out loud here.

A business selling/constructing/furnishing cabins isn't a terrible idea.
@jhm mentioned that if one buys a cabin they would want to furnish it themselves, which is also a good point.
However , if you own a cabin that’s miles away from the next town over, you might pay dearly for shipping and delivery. Even if the physical location is accessible, maybe your space has narrow door frames or hard-to-reach homes, like a treehouse, might require special delivery and handling, which always comes at a cost.
Also, given the new norm of WFH and remote working, workers can virtually live anywhere.

with that being said, I think an end-user with the right business plan could exploit this niche.

once again thank you all for your input.

think it's very descriptive name, just that co-vid has kept many on lock down.
when travel season gets back to normal ( if ever) FurnishedCabins.com will get searched for.

i have cabinsforrent.com and it gets some type-ins now and then.

min 4 figures, but much more to right buyers

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