From two-time dropout to CEO — Tieshun Roquerre

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    In a recent chat, Tieshun Roquerre and I go back down memory lane as he shares how engineering a platform to hawk t-shirts led him to drop out of high school at the age of 16.

    In addition, we discuss the inner workings and challenges of birthing, diving deep into the origins of Handshake, and how both decentralized and centralized web ecosystems could possibly coexist.

    Whether you desire to buy and hold Handshake domains, become a Handshake registry, and simply become an HNS investor, this podcast serves as a good starting point to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of both decentralized and centralized web ecosystems.

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    I just listened to this - great and inspiring interview. Obviously a highly intelligent and motivated individual who has already done great things.

    Admire the parents who let him "drop out" after high school gr 10 to work with a startup on other side of country. He did return and then got in MIT (and dropped out there too). Also interesting he knew of Y Combinator at age 13.

    Thank you for bringing so many great stories to our community, @Alvin Brown .


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