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France faces lawsuit for seizing



Note: Doesn't play well with others.
Hope this isn't a dupe. Anyone else see this?

France is taking on someone who was actively using a site -- and it may have crossed a line. The country is facing a federal-level US lawsuit from ex-pat Jean-Noël Frydman after it seized from him in March. Frydman had been using the domain as a "digital kiosk" for France-loving Americans ever since he bought it in 1994 and had even partnered with French government agencies, but his homeland sued in 2015 as part of a bid to take control. While an appeals court ruled in September 2017 that violated French trademark law, there was no warning ahead of the seizure from either France or Frydman's registrar

The lawsuit accuses France of cybersquatting and "reverse domain-name hijacking," among other allegations.
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