Top Bottom is dead Any aleternatives?



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What is your definition of dead? If it is traffic or SEO, we should all be such successful zombies!

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I'm unclear on what you are looking for as an alternative. Not to nit-pick but that's like asking what's another company like Ford? Are you talking about the product line, production line, supply chain, cursive logo, or labor relations?

There are literally thousands of places to buy and sell domain names. Some excel at auctions while others are known for enabling crypto transactions or monetization while parked. All of them have customer service hiccups upon occasion, but broadly speaking, lots of users come with lots of views.

Get to the root of your goals; how do you define success? From that clarify, specifically, what you are looking for in a partnership. Determine if you want to use multiple platforms that each excel at a specialized task or one platform that does a lot of things adequately. There is a solution that is right for you, but it can only be found with clarity of purpose and an understanding that they are all run and used by imperfect humans.

Best wishes on your journey.
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