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Fastest LXC & KVM VPS with 5 Minute Setup and One Minute OS Rebuild - $2 First Month - HostCram LLC


We are HostCram LLC,​

a US based Wyoming registered company (Filling ID: 2016-000736577) posting our brand new Intel® Core™ i9-11900K, Samsung 4.0 NVMe VPS Hosting deals offer on NamePros.

Our company registration can be verified here.

We also provide Private Proxy, Email Servers, IP Rental & ASN services. We are up on dozens of ISP, Business, Hosting networks, Servers with BGP Session & IP Announcement available.

Our VPS Hosting services includes:​

All new Dell Branded Hardware
Intel® Core™ i9-11900K Processor
Samsung 4.0 NVMe SSD Storage
SK Hynix 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM
1 Gbps (INAP) Bandwidth per node (10G total)
Free /48 IPv6 Prefix on request
Free Monthly Offsite Backups
Cloud Portal Access
Full Root Access

Yes. Those services will be deployed on our brand new nodes that we just added on last month, comes with Limited Support and self OS Rebuild, Start, Stop, Reboot, Console, etc. management options. Our existing nodes where we put clients with similar plans during last year's promotions are running fine for over 6 months. As there haven't been any related network downtime yet, we can say the uptime for those services has been 100% since the last reboot was made. (See this)

KVM-2G (Tryout)​

1 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
2 GB DDR4 RAM (Dedicated)
40 GB NVMe SSD Storage
2 TB INAP Bandwidth @ 1Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4
Order now : $2 First Month / Renews at $10 Month
Coupon Code: Tryout (One use per person or household)
Quantity: 10 Today & 10 Tomorrow

Something from me​

I will giveaway 100% of the money collected by selling Tryout plan during this promotion to Global Fund for Children. I will cover all gateway fees.

Killer Core: KVM-3C (Linux & Windows OS)​

3 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
3 GB DDR4 RAM (Dedicated)
70 GB NVMe SSD Storage
3 TB INAP Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4
Order now : $84 Year (Recurring)
Very limited stock.

VPS Promo: LXC-3G​

2 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
3 GB DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz)
60 GB NVMe SSD Storage
3 TB INAP Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4
Order now : $50 Year (Recurring)

VPS Promo: LXC-6G​

3 vCPU Core (i9-11900K)
6 GB DDR4 RAM (3200 MHz)
90 GB NVMe SSD Storage
6 TB INAP Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps Port
1 Dedicated IPv4
Order now : $65 Year (Recurring)
Our regular VPS plans can be found here:

Accepted primary payment methods:​

Debit/Credit Cards, PayPal, Payoneer and 50+ Local Gateways from countries such as India, Indonesia (Ask for others)

Refund Policy:​

Plans or services listed under this thread doesn't qualify for a refund. If you're unsure about something, ask us before buying. Don't buy if you want to do CPU mining. Don't buy if you want to use 100% of CPU 24/7. Those are not email servers. Contact us for buying email servers.

Datacenter info:​

Carrier-1 Data Centers,
1515 Round Table Dr, Dallas, TX 75247

Network info:​

AS39618 - HostCram LLC
Fully owned IP ranges and BGP network routed via Juniper router. Internap (INAP) is our primary transit. KVM-3C plan buyers will get IPs from our special IP range that has optimized Level3 & HE routes & bandwidth as well. You can ask us for test IP via live chat.

Affiliate Signup:​

We pay 25% commissions for every order placed using your custom affiliate link by tracking visitors you refer to us using a cookie. The cookie will last up to 180 days following the initial visit, so you will get a commission for the referral even if they do not sign up immediately. If you have any questions, please contact us, or sign up by clicking the button below.
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Limited stock available.
Each order will be reviewed later. Use valid contact info only. All questions are answerable via support ticket and live chat. Don't forget to read our TOS, AUP & Privacy Policy before signing up. Thanks. https://LowEndTalk/resources/emoji/smile.png
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