NameSilo and Twitter account $3MM+

Labeled as domains in Domain Industry News, started by Lox, May 31, 2021


  1. wwwweb

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    I think their main focus has been euro soccer, and to give token holders the ultimate fan experience, it has really worked, people are willing to pay for it. I beleive the concept is good, the guy has created a lot of PR, but if you think your getting $3M for your token domains, not happening. I don't even think, or brought in that much combined.
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  2. iAdam

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    Something is fishy about this story and Buying a twitter handle might result in the suspension of that account.
  3. Save Breach

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    Buying, but not acquisition. In this case, this can be seen as the acquisition of FanTokens as an entity IMO (with the domain name). Moreover, they are not buying it for the purpose of reselling or, spamming which Twitter is against.

    Most of these crypto projects have surplus money, they waste millions, didn't come as a surprise to me. Think of it as the .COM Bubble that came with reckless spending ;)

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  4. DomainNameFlow

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    Interestingly, This would boost some good domains that starts or ends with Token
  5. King

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    This is why I don't sell even my one-word or two-word social handles for under 10K anymore, don't underestimate the power of a social media handle, they can sale for lots of money, especially if it's being used already, back when I was a teen I sold a nice handle to a company for only 1K at the time it felt like a lot to me, they got it verified that same week and lots of attention from their handle. Oh well.
  6. equity78

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    Absolutely, the people that underestimate social handles, strong ones, really are clueless. I had a client tell me to offer $10K for one, the owner was polite, but was like we have been offered 5 times that, but thank you for the offer.

    I got an offer last week on @ dottv (Twitter).
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    @equity78 @King @Lox Does there exist a TRUSTWORTHY marketplace for names? I'm looking for one marketplace//platform where I can do inbound and outbound deals. Google found a solicitor in central London called Gannons who offer legal advice about social media account transfers and say that consent must be given by the social media platform. Google found fameswap based in Portland where you can buy/or/sell facebook, youtube and tiktok accounts. Socialtradia in Toronto trades exclusively instagram accounts. Google also found Skynet who trade out of Poland and operate two platforms 1- is called Viral Accounts where user can buy/or/sell #facebook, #instagram, #twitter, #pinterest, #tumblr, #youtube accounts 2- Swapd is more of a gumtree type platform where you can buy/or/sell virtually any social media asset that's at This is new territory for me. I'm interested in trading social media accounts (following rules so as not to get banned) but I don't know which platform to TRUST? The answer almost always lies in creating a checklist from multiple informatiton sources.
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  8. King

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    The last platform you mentioned is the safest bet as you have to verify your identity with a selfie to trade on there.
  9. zomainhacks

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    fantokens.jpg Pretty good for the seller
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