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Ariff BD

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today I was outbounding my domain automobile. xyz.

among 10 to 15 email to different businesses,I got a reply from a company who use our name almost similar to xyzautos.net.

in the first short email I tried to tell him about the domain is available and it might be available for him.

in a reply ask me that he does not understand any value so I should explain him.

The points are-
-it is a business of the United States .
-they use a website something like xyz and vehicle in dot net.
- the owner or so is curious at least.

so if you are in charge of selling a domain like automobile dot xyz, how would you explain a business like him about the benefit of the domain name?

Please let me know.

Share your ideas.

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if.... you have to explain it, then any value is not apparent to them.

you're basically fighting an uphill battle with a singular name, which is why nobody jumped on "car.xyz"

if it was getting traffic and some clicks, then that would be something of "concrete" value.

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