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Sharing some of the filters that I use for Expireddomains in 2020.
Please feel free to add if you want share your secret sauce.

First create an account to be able to use all the features.
The default set up is fine but I like to get a brief idea about SV and CPC (search volume and cost per click), so I would like to add two columns for SV and CPC.

This you can do by going to Column Manager and chose Global SV and CPC
SV CPC.png

Once you add the column from here, you will see two new columns like the image below:

Search Volume.png

You can click the SG to sort the names by Search Volume..
Before sorting, make sure to chose the date filter if you are looking at deleted domains.
Chose domains added in the last 24 hours. It is in teh common TAB for filter

For Pending delete, I don't use the date filter.

If you don't want to add the column and only want to filter by CPC and SV, you can use the Adwords filter


Here you can either use Adwords Global or Adwords USA
The data is not very accurate but you will get a fair idea.
You can use it with a combination of another tool. For quick research, I highly recommend "Surfer Plugin".
Go to Google Chrome store and search for Surfer.

It will give you the search volume and the CPC in the google search bar itself and you can change country on the fly to check volume in other countries, like Spanish words, French, German etc. Very very helpful


For GEO, you can set the minimum SV for USA.

If you are into GEO domains, there is the GEO filter as well

Another pattern that I like to use to find brandable made up names is the Pattern Filter:
In the allowlist you can enter patterns like CVCVCV, VCVCVC etc You can enter 30 patterns at a time. Pretty neat.


How to Use RDT:

RDT is the Number of related domains column.

For registering alternate extensions like .co, .io, how many extensions a domain has been taken is of the most important criteria.

While there is a filter to set minimum criteria, you can also sort the result by RDT and get a fair idea if a name is popular or not.

Only problem is, the RDT takes into account all the domain names that has your name as a part of the domain name.
eg: A partial name like will be very popular because there are the hundreds of thousands of names ending in ing, or because many names contain America and Americ even thoguh is partial shows up.

You can bulk search for the list of names with lots of RDT on DOTDB if you have paid plan.
For free plan, you open dotdb on a different window and do Alt+tab to find the total number taken.

If you click the Number on the RDT column, Expireddoimains will also show you all the related domains.
Now Partials also has some benefits.

If a name is, even if it will be taken in many names, it is useless
But if it the name is a common "suffix", then it is a also a great indicator that the domain is popular.

Sometimes you will see wild names with hundreds of related domains

say, the name is and you see a ton of names that say gijijiki-fdfd gijijiki-636 gijijiki-city gijijiki-pure

or gfgfgf-gijijiki trtr-gijijiki etc then it is a popular names. See example below. If Ankga was a partial word, then it woiuld not have been useful


For SEO Domains

For doing the first filter for SEO domains, ED is the best.

You will see two columns called SEOKicks domainpop (DP) and Backlinks
The SEO Kicks DP is similar to the referring domains or AHREF's RD
If there are lots of backlinks and with very less DP, it is likely a spammed site
Like I said it is a good preliminary filter.

You will never find a deleted domain that is good for SEO.
So only check pending delete.
If a domain has decent DP (It is the third column after LE and BL), you can go and check to see if the backlinks are from Knowns good sites with decent DA.. You will also find that many forums have Good DA, but they are no good. If you l also see a lot of Japanese/Chinese links, the site has most likely been spammed.

Another colummn is the WPL which is the number of Links of Wikipedia.
English Wiki pages are useless. They will be dropped by the time you recreate the site or try to sell the domain.
Some sites have good links from Non-English wikipedia pages. Those pages will likely not drop the link,

I don't use Majestic too much, but if you already use Majestic, you will know what to use like CF, TF.

Feel free to add yours

I will add more as I remember. My alarm just rang for an Auction I am trying to snipe
great but how can i find out dictionary word or high performance domains

What do you mean? Can you be more specific.
If they are good and they are expired most of them they will certainly go into Auctions unless they are caught by Snap Names or some others that only do private auctions for those who backordered, otherwise 90% will go into Auctions. SO you simply go the marketplace tab and check.

Don't think that you will find very good domains free to reg if that is what you mean