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I am also waiting for their payout.
At first i thought it will be automate but I am not paid after waiting for 2 months. (Ya i don't care much of evolanding account) then I manually emailed them. They send me the tax form so i had to fill it. Now I am waiting them to send me the money via paypal. It is weekend now so I had to wait. Hope to get the payment soon. I will update you guys once paid.
I had just under 100 domains at EVOlanding from April to September 2008. I finally moved them back to a reliable parking company.

I had high hopes for EVOlanding, but it was a huge let-down. Their support was okay for the first week or so, then it was like they just forget about me and my domains. I had a couple of very premium domains, which they "developed" first. But the rest of the domains got the basic, automated setup treatment and never showed any sign of being "upgraded" each time they supposedly improved their program.

Generally, I have to say that their support sucks, they won't "develop" your domains unless you hound them, and - perhaps most important - the revenues generated from their "mini-sites" is absolutely pathetic. I have a highly searched entertainment keyword domain that gets type-in traffic and over all these months it has generated less than $20. When it was at a regular parking company, it was pulling in more than $150 each month. This domain used to be on the first page of Google search results, but having been with EVOlanding, now it doesn't show up at all.

Also, the domains have not picked up any PR and very few, if any, backlinks, and the sites do not get indexed.

You will be far better off by either parking your domains with a company that has a longer reputation or by developing them into mini-sites yourself.
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WOW, I take it after reading all the inputs, most people aren't happy with I was seriously considering registering with them. In fact, I actually sent them a request to join and then I came across this thread.

I most likely will not pursue registering any further. It seems like there's a lot of uncertainty and confusion.

If any one can convince me otherwise, I think I've seen enough not to join evolanding.

So, is there any other parking service that you can recommend?

What about Is that worth it?

Name Worth