Epik very slow (sometimes)

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Epik becomes very slow everyday.

Plus everything I repeat everywhere.
No progress in anything.

I praise Epik to endusers, and I become a liar.
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Fast here. What operating system you running? Windows 95?


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Sometimes fast sometimes slow, sometimes very slow. I use a recent operating system, and a good browser.


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Just checked now, and it takes 15 seconds for Epik to load, although I was logged in already. Sometimes it takes a lot longer.
Dan landing pages also almost never load (a good excuse to hate it). but their homepage loads very fast.
I think third party "spam-checkers" are used for discrimination (and data harvesting) purposes (cloudflare, analytics, bitmigitate, captcha,...) by those third parties.

Just to add more content to this message:
(must repeat this problem): received 3 blank messages from someone , about a parked domain (all contact info given, but there is no message) .
I asked why are you doing this' I'M 100 PERCENT SURE they won't reply.
There is some censorship there, and Epik is doing it knowingly or unknowngly.
(Ok, I can use regular email to respond, but then privacy would be lost, if it was a spam message).
When I test it, I don't see a problem.
Maybe the reason is: SEND BUTTON is below the fold. People connect from their smartphones,
try to " scroll down, or go to the next page" to type their message and push a key (enter, space character, or down key), but meanwhile the message is sent already.

Maybe this (not replying) happens because the person who sent the message is NOT a user YET.
So, they send a message, I reply, my message might be going to their email inbox,
but not to their Epik account, because it doesn't exist yet (or if they are user, they can't locate the message,
because it is buried somewhere).
So they CAN'T reply the message using the same negotiation window (which exist on seller side, but not on buyer side, because they don't even have an account).
They CAN'T reply by email either, because our email is not shown to them (a good thing).

HOW can they fix this, maybe they can introduce a temporary account for such message senders.
But considering how slow Epik is in every sense recently (such as fixing simple bugs; not only Epik but ALL businesses are like this nowadays), it is hopeless to expect anything (even admitting existence of a problem would be a big deal).

I "sold" a domain, I asked I don't remember listing it, is there a record of it. Where can I locate it on my account. They referred to their tech team for future response. And that response will never come.
And .. there are obviously resolved issues, and I get "updates" on them, but not on real stuff.
At other ("external"=nonregistrar) marketplaces I may not need a record of listing a domain, because I can refuse to transfer the domain, and face its consequences. But at registrar marketplaces transfers are instant (a good thing).
so probably they should keep a record of such activity, and let us see it on our account.

I know web development is a big mess. Our webmaster was also extremely slow, would totally ignore some requests forever (still the business did well overall). But sometimes problems and their solutions are obvious and nothing is done. I don't understand why nothing is done.

(or web development can be made easy, using some templates, but other things, security, privacy and control, would be lost).
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Epik user interface is ALWAYS slow lately. For months. Very. Frustrating On ipad, deleted cookies even. No change. I now have to stop praising and recommending Epik, too. And now, obfuscated inquiry info. Back to Efty or my own landers. (And I loved selling Epik names throughEpik, with superfast Masterbucks funding!) So disappointing.
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