Epik offering cost-plus price: just $0.50 over their cost. Can they be trusted?

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I got the following Email from Epik yesterday. It all sounds great but can they be trusted? I know they were doing a lot of unethical things recently but now they claim to be under new ownership?


As you may have heard, Epik has been acquired and is under new ownership. We’re excited to share the first of many positive changes—we’ve lowered our prices to better serve you.

As someone with a substantial domain portfolio, you can now take advantage of a great cost-plus price: just $0.50 over our cost (which includes the registry price and the $0.18 ICANN fee).

Why the price drop?

Your partnership means everything to us, and we want to show our appreciation. That's why we've not only lowered our prices, but also streamlined our pricing structure. For most domains, registrations, renewals, and transfers will now share the same pricing, providing a seamless experience and added savings.

Log in to view your new pricing—and lock it down.

On September 1, Verisign plans to increase the cost of a .com domain by 72 cents. Register or renew your .com domains now (for one or multiple years) to avoid the upcoming registry price increase. Log into your account today to see your new pricing and renew to safeguard those savings.

Thank you for choosing Epik as your domain partner. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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Spaceship $8.06 they have a rep on here
Up to date list so people dont say namesilo is about the cheapest
Stay away from doteasy, its a netsol but worse.
Avoid Epik it is a toxic dishonest business

Netsol is better then others (Epik, Doteasy etc). You can resolve your all problems on Netsol...
Netsol is better then others (Epik, Doteasy etc). You can resolve your all problems on Netsol...

How are they better? Pricing? Way above average. Support? Non existent. UX? Like it's 1999...

Better than Epik and doteasy? Sure. Still, one of the worst out there to use if you're a domainer.
Thank you Brad. The problem with me is I have a bunch of different extensions. I do try to transfer them at times where there is a good offer but often the renewal price then is way out of line in those places... I think I need to take a hard look at my domains and just cancel some which may be of little value and only keep those that have a genuine value but that's hard for me to do as I've been renewing these for over 20 years now and I don't have the ability to objectively distinguish between keepers and loosers...
As most of you know ,I was a Super Affiliate and member of Epik. ,for many years.I was an "insider" and was witness what was going on .
After this latest debacle I deleted ALL my Domains from them in one swoop ,even ones that had still meat on it [reg'd]
NEVER again I would rejoin Epik ,esp that WE still dont know WHO actually is the REAL owner of epikLLC ,whatever.
Move the domains you want to keep OUT to any other reputable Registrar and delete the rest .I guarantee you feel much better soon. @Dynadot takes 7 days before YOU can delete YOUR own domains [which i think is crazy ]
With Epik you just transfer the domain to another epik account ,[email protected]/


Stay Away of epik
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