Epik Launches Domain Investor Club

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In an email sent out to certain domainers today (assuming to only those that have over 400 domains at Epik), Epik announced their new Domain Investor Club:


Hello, I'm Brian Royce, CEO of Epik. I'm excited to invite you to join our new Domain Investor Club, which offers a pricing tier that we're currently developing in the BETA phase until March 31st, 2023.

The Investor Club provides the most competitive registration, renewal, and transfer rates for popular TLDs, including .COM, .NET, .ORG, .XYZ, and .CO. Here are the pricing details for each TLD:

TLD Club Register Price Club Renewal Price Club Transfer Price
.com $9.67 $9.67 $9.67
.net $10.69 $10.69 $10.69
.org $10.99 $10.99 $10.99
.xyz $9.69 $9.69 $9.69
.co $22.89 $22.89 $22.89
To enroll in this pricing tier, you must have 400 domains registered at Epik. Still, for the remainder of this quarter and during this beta phase, I'm reaching out to select customers and domain investors to enroll. Once Investor Club is officially launched, you’ll be automatically enrolled should you meet the necessary portfolio requirements. Available payment methods are Credit Card, Wire, and Crypto.

As someone who has a growing interest in domain investment, I'm committed to bringing excellence and adding value to the industry. Your feedback is vital to help us achieve these goals. Please let us know about your experience during this trial so we can continue delivering the best experience for all domain owners. In the future, our Club members will have a dedicated sales team to assist with your Epik leads and ensure your account is managed well.

If you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity, please let us know.

Thank you for being an Epik customer!

Best Wishes,

Brian Royce
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Well, they won't ever go under. However, note that they renew it for 10 years at once when buying the forever domain. The promise is to add an extra year each year always keeping it at 10 years of renewal. So worse case you get 10 years. People are loving spreading rumors about epik that are unfounded.
Let's break this down.

$399 Cost.

(10) years of renewals = $100 value.

So, only $299 for the "promise" from a company that has screwed customers over and can't even afford to pay their debts.

What a deal!!!

@Rob Monster has disappeared.

New CEO Brian Royce is a domain noob who has talked shit about domain investors. :clown:


Epik needs domain investors a lot more than domain investors need Epik.

There are plenty of other attractive options, without all the BS.

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Lol, yeah, and if I ever go bankrupt, I'll pay every Namepros member a million dollars - a dollar a year for a million years.
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Wow, I always love such a great offer, from such a reputable company.

I have around 800 domains, all of them at Dynadot. OK, let's move 400 of them at Epik:

Transfer 400 names to Epik: ORDER TOTAL - $3,996.00
Renew 400 names at Dynadot: ORDER TOTAL - $3,932.00 (Bulk Account prices).

So, if I move 400 domains to Epik, instead of renewing them at Dyna, it will cost me $64 more. What a bargain. Ohh, but why shall I move them? There are a few reasons:

1. To get a $9.67 Club Renewal Price, instead of Dyna's $9.83 renewal.
2. To benefit of Epik's - Afternic Fast Transfer.
3. Their support is always spot on.
4. They always pay on time (in $US, not in Masterbucks).
5. Epik never cheated anyone.
6. There's not a single bad review or post about Epik on internet.

Sorry, but I'll pass this great opportunity.
MAFFS is hard
Thread title should be "Vampires Announce Blood Donation Drive"
Having been a loyal customer for many years ,having been a long time sourcing agent finding Country Managers for Epik ,having created jobs for several people from developing countries ,so they have money to feed their families [some have been sacked after new ceo]Was known as "Uncle Frank" by the new employees when they were abused and intimidated by RobM's "prayer buddy" Rob Davis because they were scared to talk to RobM and needed a "voice of reason "having been a Super Affiliate for Epik ,generating over $165k for them ,[Are you reading this @Dynadot ?]Having 100's of screenshots from various conversations ,re Epik and staff..Does anybody know what "pussy footing around" means ? I have some funny bits about that ,
And then they lie to you and just cancel all my commissons without an explanation or apology ,,,it's all about respect ,,Anyway ,,patience
Truly sad and disturbing to read this. Feel for you Frank
In an email sent out to certain domainers today (assuming to only those that have over 400 domains at Epik), Epik announced their new Domain Investor Club:
That’s a funny press release from epik. There ceo just said in print he does not care about domain owners. I also saw they have a Rico suit filed against them.
Domain Rip Off Club