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This is not an anti broker or anti Epik post but there are privacy lines being crossed by brokers at Epik imo.

I transferred a name to Epik on Saturday night. On Monday morning, a day and a half after arriving at Epik, an Epik broker attempted to call me twice and emailed me by first name regarding “an interested party” and wanting pricing information.

I politely told them I handle my own negotiations and do not sell domains at registrars I use to house my domains.

I brought up the issue with customer service and forwarded to Rob about why their inhouse brokers readily have access to my personal details when I have privacy protection on and have never asked Epik to sell for me or represent me and have not received a single reply. Radio silence.

It’s obvious they are scanning transfers that are coming in and this is not some random person that knows how to look up whois details but doesn’t know how to contact anyone but Epik 🙄.

The domain has a DAN landing page and is listed on Afternic. It is not listed for sale on Epik.

My domain stock is mine and not Epik’s stock. I never use Epik landers, I never asked them to sell my domains ever. I don’t even use their marketplace except occasionally Name Liquidate.

I expect my registrar to be a registrar and that’s it. I had a previous incident a few years back when I received an offer after trying Epik landing pages on a few names. I had not even finished reading the damn offer email and I was contacted if I need ”help”.

They are reading the offer emails sent to us which is creepy to say the least. Thats the last time I tested their landing pages. Its also condescending to assume I can’t handle my own inquiries.

With the breach last year, I expect better protection at Epik including my privacy and security. Am I asking for too much? How many employees have access to our full details? All of them? How vetted are they?

I don’t know because they didn’t bother to reply but it’s disconcerting to say the least.

I consider it a conflict of interest all the way around especially because I never asked them for help selling my names. At least at Afternic/GoDaddy I chose to list my names there so contact from them occasionally is to be expected.

When Epik brokers contact me they are representing the other party (a customer or insider) to extract a domain for as cheap as possible from another customer (me).

We should be able to opt out from inhouse broker contact and our privacy protected details should not be accessible by every person working at Epik.

I feel the same about any registrar I use to hold my domains. Not just them. Thoughts?
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I could moan about my emails with brokers outside of epik this week but can also tell you i have had similar stunt pulled. So own marketplace withholds buyer.


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Not sure I understand what you mean lock. Are you saying you had a similar experience?

Outside brokers contact through whois privacy email or another party, lets say Domain Agents, if its enabled is pretty typical.

In this case, I was contacted directly because they work for Epik.
I had a similar experience yes. They claimed to have a buyer asking for price I knew the existing listing and price so made it the same and asked for the contact and no response.
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