Enom account hacked - No answer from support in 20 hours.



My clients Enom account was hacked yesterday. Details are still sparse but it seems Enom caught it in time and locked down his account. All good up too this point.

My client had several ongoing deals and transfers. All transfers were cancelled by Enom. Still good. My clients calls them and is told since this is an account locked issue he needs to email a specific support address to gain access back to his account. Well he did so and its now been 20 hours without response.

I just called Enom and received the same response. You just have to wait and we dont know how long you have to wait for.

This has already had a bit of fallout since one of his buyers could not wait and cancelled a 50K 3L.COM deal. We have other buyers also waiting for their names, so some cooperation from Enom would be great.

Especially from a registrar that boasts 24/7 support. Well if your support cant handle anything, then it does not help us at all. He couldent even give us a timeline.

My client only has 2000 names left at Enom. But he will most certainly move them away to another registrar following this experience. I told support they would loose him as a customer if they did not get a move on. I got a "cool story bro" response and "sorry cant help you".

Basically they got it right by having the right security measure to catch this in time. But got it so wrong on the customer service side. This has already cost my 1000s of dollars and we have no idea when Enom will get back to him.

Stay away from this joke of an outfit.