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For sale for $200: Ebomy.com. It's at Name Silo, is 19 years old, and it expires on 5/20/22. Payment options: SafeFunds.com (escrow), PayPal, cash.

It's a username on many sites, an uncommon female first name, and a misspell of "Ebony". I'm downsizing, the buyer gets a lot of free items (you must pick them up in Syracuse New York, no shipping):


- Peak Jump Starter (900 peak amps) - this worked good the last time I used it which was 5 years ago or so, needs to be plugged in and recharged

- an RCA universal remote - it has a partially backlit keypad, hopefully this will work with the equipment that doesn't have a remote listed below

- a Toshiba DVD and VCR recorder (model DVR670KU) - Comes with the owner's manual and the quick guide. No remote, hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this. I'll include a new HDMI cable. This has not been fully tested. I know it will play DVDs but I don't know if it will record them. The VCR section is untested. This has a built in digital and analog TV tuner but that is untested too. These always sell for over $100 on Ebay.

- a Sony DVD recorder (model RDR-GX257) - No remote or manual, hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this. Not thoroughly tested, it plays DVDs and CDs without any problems and the buttons on the unit all work but I haven't recorded anything with it.

- a Canon Typestar 220 in good condition, everything appears to be working properly - The display has a blemish where the 11th character goes, it makes it hard to read the comma and period when typed there - the other characters aren't affected as much. The ribbon prints out perfectly although it is old. Comes with the box (it's torn at the top) and everything is included: the manual, the AC adapter, the custom keyboard seal, and other printed material. These generally sell for over $100 on Ebay.

- a Graco video and audio baby monitor in very good condition (model A5083) - This is a camera, a monitor, and includes 2 AC adapters for them (no manual). The monitor has a belt clip and a battery in it so you can move around without having to have it plugged in. The battery was good the last time I used this which was 3 years ago. This works best in well-lit situations.

- a Casio portable color TV (TV-770) - Comes with the box, manual, registration card, and accessory order form with batteries included. This is in good working condition, it's in good cosmetic condition too but it does have a minor scratch on the screen which isn't visible while watching. This is a portable analog TV with a 2.3 inch color LCD screen.

- a Victrola Portable Turntable in excellent condition - Has 3 speeds and stereo speakers. Comes with the box and the manual.

- Commodore calculator in good condition (model 774D) - comes with the box and instructions plus it has the original 1975 sales receipt from Sears

- a Sony Mega Bass boombox (CFD-580) - This has a CD player, digital AM/FM radio, digital clock, double cassette recorder, and 2 detachable speakers. The radio works great and the speakers sound really good. The cassette decks and the CD player don't work. This is in very good cosmetic condition, not dirty or worn. It's a rather heavy and somewhat rare boombox. Comes with the AC cord, nothing else is included. Hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this.

- an Alpine Compact Disc Changer (model 5951Z) - This is for a car and is untested. Comes with the Magazine, the FM Stereo Modulator, and the CD Changer Control Unit.

- a GPX all-in-one WeatherX (TVWB534) in like new condition ( amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000G6NXHK/jaybrewernet26-20 ). Comes with the original box and everything is included. This has 2 adjustable rotary fluourescent lamps, an emergency siren, a 5 inch black and white TV, an AM/FM radio, a removable flashlight with recharge circuit, instant Weatherband with fine tuning control, and a compass. The thermometer on it is not accurate.

- Two Blu-ray players: Samsung BD-EM59C (remote included), LG BD640 (no remote, hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this)

- Two DVD players: Philips DVP3962 (remote included), Sony DVP-SR510H (no remote, hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this)

- a Symphonic Model SL240 VCR player - It hasn't been used in a long time, comes with the manual and remote but if memory serves I don't think the remote works (not sure). Hopefully the universal remote mentioned above will work with this.

- a WebTV internet terminal (Philips Magnavox MAT965) in very good condition - It works good, no problems but not 100% fully tested. It isn't dirty or worn but it does have a few blemishes. Comes with the original box and everything is included except: a) the phone cable is not the original, b) the phone line splitter is not the original, and, c) one third of the registration card is missing.

- a WebTV infrared keyboard (Philip Magnavox MWK 122BK ) in very good condition - It works good, no problems but not 100% fully tested. Comes with the original box and the User's Guide. This works with the MAT965 internet terminal.

- a Zmodo 8 channel security DVR (model ZMD-DT-SCN8) - I plugged it into my TV using an HDMI cable, connected a mouse to it, connected an AC adapter to it, turned it on, and the unit works. I was able to go through various menu settings without any problems. No further testing done, I don't have any security cameras to use with it and I did not hook it up to my computer. You only get the unit (no AC adapter) with the current ADMIN password (111111), nothing else is included.

- a Garmin Nuvi 1350 GPS receiver - This works good. The only thing it comes with is the cord that is used to plug it into your car, nothing else is included.

- a TomTom One GPS receiver (N14644) in good condition - Comes with the original box and everything is included. I plugged it in, tried it out, and it appears to be working properly.

- an 8GB Apple iPhone 4S smartphone in very good condition - Comes with an Otterbox (the Otterbox screen has a few streaks) and the original box, nothing else. I got this in a partial trade, I've never used it but I tried some basic testing and it works. No SIM card.

- a Samsung INFUSE SGH-i997 smartphone - This is in excellent condition, works properly. It was a friend's phone that was given to me. I believe it's an AT&T phone and it's locked. I entered a new password for it, it's 88888888. Comes with the charger, nothing else. No SIM card.

- a Samsung S390G Tracfone - This is in excellent condition, works properly. Comes with the Services Guide and the charger. No SIM card.


- a 34 inch square table in very good condition

- 3 18-gallon bins - they're clean, two have a top, one doesn't

- a Michael Graves Design chess and checkers set in excellent condition - This may have never been used. All the pieces have been signed and the instructions are included. The box isn't in great shape and the board has some minor damage: one side/corner has separated (needs to be glued) and the top has scratches. The board is perfectly usable as it is.

- 2 remote control cars with 2 remotes (made by Creative Designs International) - These are brand new and are packaged together in factory sealed packaging that has never been opened. These are for kids 6 years old and above and operate on different frequencies so that they can be used together. Batteries are not included.

- Super Tech Heavy Duty Bar & Chain Oil - one quart, made in 2018

- 150 sparklers for any kind of celebration

- angel wind chimes in excellent condition - At the top there's an angel with 2 children and down below there are 4 sets of 2 children

- 2 bottles of shampoo - Alberto VO5 Herbal Escapes (15 oz), Naturelle Park Avenue New York City (10.1 oz)

- Dr Scholl's men's casual shoes in brand new condition with tags still on them - size 12W, gray, leather with Gel Cushion insoles, $25.87 at Walmart

- Hoka One One Stinson Lite shoes in good used condition - they're clean size 13, and quite expensive when new

- a pair of cushion insoles (made by 10 Seconds) - Pro Sport Performance Insoles, brand new never used. Men's size 7.5 to 9, women's size 9 to 10.5.

- Prevail Unisex Daily Underwear (PV-514) - 98 count (7 bags of 14 each), extra absorbency, XLG size (58" to 68")

- many plastic coat hangers

- a 100-car Hot Wheels carrying case in good condition - It has wheels on it and a handle. Comes with 79 cars, I believe 38 of them are Hot Wheels.

- 2 mirrored disco balls - One has a diameter of about 12 inches and in good condition. None of the tiles are missing, some of them are cracked and/or sticking out a bit. The ball has a very slight indentation too. These faults basically aren't noticeable unless you get close to it. The other has a diameter of 8 inches and is in a sealed box, it's in great condition

- Boeheim on Basketball videotape (featuring the Coach of Syracuse men's basketball, Jim Boeheim) - This is in sealed packaging that has never been opened. Copyright 1989, 45 minutes long, narrated by "The Voice of the Orange" Doug Logan.

- an unopened box of Michael Jordan Wheaties in good condition - 18 ounces, from 1994 (a collectible, not for consumption)

- a new Yolanda Vega limited edition talking bobblehead doll - I don't think it's ever been taken out of the box. She says "For the New York Lottery I'm Yolanda Vega".

- 2 old RCA VHS blank tapes - sealed in unopened packaging

- 6 old blank cassette tapes - sealed in unopened packaging

- a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 camera in very good condition - Comes with the original box and everything is included.

- a Kodak digital camera (EasyShare C330) in very good condition - Comes with the original box and everything is included except the rechargeable batteries. I'll also include a Kodak battery charger that works with AA or AAA rechargeable batteries.

- 3 Corning railroad glass lenses - 2 are amber and one is red, the red one has some blemishes

- a "Spirit of 76" Bicentennial Calendar Plate in excellent condition - it's made of white porcelain with a gold-fired rim and it has a picture of an eagle on it, comes with the box which is not in great shape

- Wren's Original Shoe Polish (Dark Tan) in excellent condition - the can is in great shape and there's a lot of shoe polish left

- old books and old maps

- 3 universal automobile seat covers - they're brand new in sealed packaging, they don't match

- a Hamilton Beach blender (BlendMaster Ultra 52252) - Comes in the original box and everything is included. This has never been used, it has been plugged in and turned on to make sure it works. The outside of the box does have blemishes.

- a Honeywell humidifier (HCM-710-TGT) in like new condition ( honeywellcomfort.com/humidifier/personal-humidifier/honeywell-easy-to-care-cool-mist-humidifier-hcm-710/read-reviews/ ). Comes with the original box and a copy of the manual. It may have never been used, I'm not sure.

- paper - graph paper and ruled paper

- old drugstore items (collectibles, not to be used):

Gebauer's tannic spray
Kaz inhalant
Hawick shave lotion
Wyeth's first aid powder
Wernet's denture adhesive
Walgreen's milk of magnesia tablets
Watkins menthol camphor ointment
Woodbury after shave powder
McKesson's boric acid powder
iBath by McKesson & Robbins with glass eye bath
Kreml corrective
Glycerin from Collingwood Pharmacy (used to be a local pharmacy many years ago)
Johnson's foot soap
Polident tablets container
Currier & Ives cologne for men
Surin by McKesson & Robbins
an old white bottle

- old stamps, mostly foreign - I have no idea what these are worth

- old TV/radio tubes and other items - About 80 tubes, don't know if they're good or not but I would think they are. They were my father's, he was a TV repairman for Sears and E W Edwards.

- 60 magazines, maybe more

- many more items
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