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Reviews and information for Dynadot

ICANN accreditted registrar that not may people know about. The domain management interface is easy to navigate and actually makes sense.

One of the best new features is domain deletion within the first 5 days of registration for full credit to be used at a later date.

If you spend more than $500.00 per year, you qualify for our bulk prices.
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I have 40 domains with them and have been steadily moving all my domains to their service. They always give great support to their customers and their features are getting better everyday. They also have an easy to use interface that is much simpler than those at resellers such as NameCheap.
droplister said:
I started this but never actually reviewed them, and to update this, they now sell .us for 7.99 aswell, and .cn. I have 100+ with them now probably going to move 100 or so more there soon

They are a great company. Easy to use and easy to work with.

Dynadot a secret gem

Im a freakshow when it comes to how registrars list WHOIS information. I checked the top whois listings (,, the majority are sloppy or inconsistent. The top consistent, cleanliest registrars from all my studies were: SRSplus ($250 buyin reseller), Fabulous (bulk prices), Namesecure (not as clean/lied about ICANN charges), and Dynadot! Their prices were exactly what I needed and wanted and the whois listings were just right on, very clean, very nice on all searches- same listing no weird changes! I don't have to search any longer. I really like this company in several ways that are just my personal needs as a freak and as a smart shopper and wanted to post up for all my troubles, they are gods in my book! even though they rank right now 117th of the world's largest ICANN accredited registrars, this smaller company was the only one that gave me satisfaction - i can finally sleep.
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Terrific Customer Service..

After jumping around between registrars for a while trying to find one that was decent (I wasn't even looking for good anymore - just decent) I ended up with Dynadot..
The only downside is that their service is definitely aimed toward the non-technical - which is great if you want the basics, but a bit of a problem if you need to do anything a little technical...
I've had to contact their customer service a few times (2 were problems - the rest were queries) and everytime I was blown away by their customer service. After years of tearing my hair out dealing with registrars and hosts who just don't bother to read things properly (and ask about things that you have clearly already mentioned - clearly if they'd bothered to read your request properly) it was terrific to get replies that showed that you hadn't wasted your time going into detail.

So, while Dynadot may not have a few functions that other registrars offer, they more than make up for it in their customer service, and their willingness to actually help their customers instead of what seems to be norm with budget registrars of doing the absolute minimum to get customers off their back (or just being so completely useless that the customer just ends up giving up. :)

(And in my case, the lack of features wasn't a problem - they implemented a temporary solution to allow a particular function that I was after - Now that's amazing customer focus.)