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Double-edged Sword of the domain gang-up

Labeled as opinion in General Domain Discussion, started by bulkdomainz, Oct 16, 2020 at 12:26 PM


  1. Yeah, it's about those eerie coronavirus-related domains again! πŸ‘Ύ

    These names cannot be found on the majority of domain marketplaces as they are barred from being listed on many sites for auction, or listed priced or on a 'Make Offer' basis. Some registries also stopped allowing the registration of covid-related domains. Some say their actions are to prevent profiting from the pandemic situation, while others say they adopted the position to prevent and/or stop fraudulent activities. And there was that one that 'quietly' removed covid names but kept the traffic' - until owners caught on. πŸ˜‰

    It is very possible that these marketplaces mean what they tell the world, or it could just be that they didn't want to be seen as 'profiteers'(What do you call anyone who registers a name for $10 and sells it for anywhere between $1000 - $20 Million USD? What do call those who enable these transactions? Or companies that make millions yearly when they could easily pass on savings to customers by charging only a tenth of what they charge? I just can't remember πŸ€”). Maybe they bowed to pressure from investors, individuals or groups within the industry who are angry that they missed out on registering the most relevant names during the early days of the Covid-19. Is it true that domainers engage in phishing, defrauding, and selling fake drugs using covid names? I don't think we shit on our doorstep but I know for sure that there are some of the anti-covid domain gang who are very angry that they couldn't buy these names of the early-birds for next to nothing with claims of wanting these domains for informational or charitable websites. I have met a few of them - online though, thankfully.

    I have received insults and abuse, just because I did not wish to hand over a domain I registered for an unsatisfactory price. Why should I? Godaddy does not hand its domains over for peanuts, neither do the best and experienced in this game. Did they really want to buy the name in the first place? I don't know but I do know that these 'saints' have refused to take on the buyers and sellers of domain names that are used on the dark web and names that have to do with illicit sex, drugs, smoking etc. Maybe one of these days they will form a club against these names and their owners. I won't hold my breath!

    Has this gang-up impacted the sales of covid-related names? Yes, it has, but sales are still happening, enquiries and traffic abound and will improve as more solutions are discovered for the Covid problem. The good thing is that anyone who wants your covid name will come still, regardless of what others think.

    Has this same campaign affected the `angry crew`? Oh yes! πŸ™‚ They want - for one project or the other (or so they say) , or to add to their portfolios - the very names they have publicly denounced. As these names are not available on the usual domain marketplaces, they find they have to go through the very few marketplaces that made up their own minds instead of bowing to pressure, and they ain't loving it!

    They can't post requests for these names on forums like this one we are on, for fear of being shown to be the hypocritical profiteers that they actually are. They can't register covid names on some registries and through some registrars, thanks to their 'campaign' back then. They probably can't register new ones through the registries/registrars that remain open to covid-related registrations because they do not want to be outed someday as having one link or the other to any of these names.

    Covid-19 is here, some of our colleagues are losing their prized domains due to having lost jobs or income due to the Pandemic - lost any hope of income from those names. Guess what? The names are being snapped up by the deep-pocketed who see nothing wrong in profiting from other peoples' misery. Some of these name-grabbers happen to be the very ones who labelled those who registered coronavirus-related domains as profiting from other people's misery.

    We provide a service. We create a product. We think up names, register them, and sell them on. Jeff Bezos created a service, and sells products. His net worth has multiplied, his business has grown bigger, and he has provided more people with Jobs and income as a result of this pandemic; but we must be hung, drawn and quartered! πŸ™„

    Society is still running - albeit at reduced capacity - thanks to the public and private Hospitals, health workers, Vaccine developers, Test kit manufacturers, drug manufacturers, Diagnostic Services providers, food, mail and parcel delivery services, online shops, farmers and farm workers, the Internet services industry, and all the others who keep us going, making none, little, improved or massive profits during these trying times, while we try to overcome Covid-19.

    This epistle is dedicated to the toffee-nosed self-righteous gentleman who typed my domain name into his web browser, made a $500 offer out of his anti-'profiteering' rear! 😝 😝 I wonder why you didn't go offer Godaddy $500 for 😎 Shooooooooo! πŸ”πŸ”
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  2. I find "profiting from someone else's misery" quite a pointless statement, after all necessity is the mother of invention. All misery is countered by invention. If we didn't have people profiting out of misery then things would never get better in the world because there would be no point. Everyone's time and fortitude is worth money, it's the thing that makes it worthwhile investing in anything at all.

    With the advent of the new gTLDs we're living at a time where there is more choice for domains than ever before. I can find a catchy name any day of the week. Just because it isn't the most sought after name shouldn't matter to someone who's providing a service. In the same vein it shouldn't be up to registrars to decide what can and cannot be registered, because there is literally zero scope for "preventing scams" by preventing the registration of a specified term. What absurdity. As for people that want these names for their own use - they have a cheek to think that they can have the best for cheap no matter what the nature of the name is.

    The system is that it's first come first served. It's just that those that want the best coronavirus domains have to pay the most, well to get the best you have to pay for it in any area, including the dreaded covid.
  3. seomotionz

    seomotionz New Member

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    Indeed. Seriously, my heart bleeds for them for those who are effected in this pandemic.

    But while living at home (locked down & other what not's) if we earn some money just moving our mouse and clicking here & there then why not?

    Has anybody seen the media houses lately?? They are booming in this pandemic. Even if the world economy has gone to sh*t. Still their ratings and revenue is at all time high (this year). It's just don't make sense that if they can earn money then why we shouldn't?!
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  4. CraigD

    CraigD VIP

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    Personally I don't see the problem with protecting the naive by stopping the spread of misinformation by delusional and/or unscrupulous actors who are trying to push their own agenda and conspiracies via official looking domains and URLs.

    Give people an inch and they will take a mile.
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  5. CraigD

    CraigD VIP

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    Ambiguity in authenticity of top-level Coronavirus-related domains
    In this study, we present how misleading information was disseminated under top-level coronavirus-related domain names, based on data collected from 303 websites between April 5 and April 6, 2020. We find that the authenticity of a striking number of websites posing to be of government source cannot be verified, and of those that are overtly non-governmental, many are selling products, advertising, or domain names... which undermines the authenticity and trustworthiness of the information being presented.
    In our study, we found that a striking 29.7% (90 out of 303 websites surveyed) of websites surveyed could contain misinformation, from aggregating misleading information and possibly impersonating government authorities, to selling unrelated products. A further 48.51% (147 out of 303 websites surveyed) were squatting the domains or not providing any information, either to become future websites disseminating misinformation, or charging exorbitant sums to those attempting to provide authoritative information.

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  6. I guess the big question is what happened to the domains that they stopped people from buying? Where did they end up? What good came to fruition because of it.

    I suspect that they were just registered at another registrar that allows them to be registered and that anyone who was going to abuse a covid domain just conducted the same abuse on another domain. Like

    I agree that if someone creates a website that is pretending to be the government then there is an argument to take it down, but not broad strokes like stop all domains that contain the name covid from being registered because that's morally the right thing to do. It's not the moral thing to do, because someone who gets a great covid domain could do great things with it, which is the case for any domain I would think.

    I don't generally agree with government intervention in people's lives, but I certainly don't agree with broad sweeping strokes that assume that only bad things could happen whether it's by the government or any other actors tbh. Especially after the shit show that we've seen with the pandemic.
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  7. lock

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    It should still be about the content and not the name i am afraid regardless if domain forced donated the medicine won't be.
  8. lock

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    People feel entitlement by being offended it is a human response but it doesn't give right to influence others. People have always thought domains are a squat to me it is dangerous to the industry to offer / blacklist / domains over moral beliefs. Where will it stop i am offended by certain groups but to prevent them is eroding freedom of speech and if it involves domains it is the erosion of the industry.
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  9. lock

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    The gang up even as majority thinking doesn't equate to correct when comes to speculation but of course needs to be considered. The object of a discussion is to find opinion without debate there is little influence given.
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  10. Most domainers who regged to sell would put up a 'FOR SALE' page on their domains, not create websites with misleading information.

  11. Kuffy

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    The escalation of a virus that ranks 36th on the severity list has created all sorts of misinformation, and statistical suppression. The suppression of these names is just one example of the lengths that the promoters of propaganda will take. I'm tempted to put a virus and vaccination information site on my domain. Of course this will be referring to gateways to information, and has no association with any living person.

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