Donuts Inc wants to self-regulate and disinvite regulation? No frigging way!

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Donuts INC has some explaining to do. Seems like they are AGAINST any regulations. SCARY

Paul Stahura Co-founnder and CEO of Donuts INC
might want to think again before saying something like
this... "I see consolidation in the industry as a trend in 2016 as companies seek to solidify their holdings and the industry finds its way to a healthy equilibrium. I also see an increased effort on the part of industry leaders to self-regulate and disinvite regulation that would be considered invasive."

If anyone trusts a company that is FOR self-regulation and that wants to disinvite regulation that THEY consider invasive, is a fool.

I've been saying this this in my other thread but I just read this on dnjournal's State of the Industry2016. Maybe I read into things differently, but it seems very fishy to disinvite ANY regulations. Regulations are the ONLY thing that will lead to a healthy equilibrium within the domain industry.

Hopefully a REP will get on here and clear this up so that the domainers/industry will have faith in any continued investment into new gltds, or at lest with Donuts INC.
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Of course every company in the world would love to not have any outside regulations looking over their business. Why would they?

It's hard to run shady operations with people watching what you do.
It's hard to rip-off people when the people have SOME say in how they are treated. Not impossible but harder.