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MixedRealityBusiness.com $1
UrbanDapp.com $1
Infragrocery.com $1
Cheaptoasters.com $1
PremiumCleanEnergy.com $1
Meditationkey.com $1
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Keyword + Avg. google monthly searches
It is only a portion of the list.

popcorn brands;2900;
restaurants for kids;1900;
mens flannels;1600;
drawing games online;1600;
girls flats;1600;
diaper brands;1600;
fashion games online;1300;
privacy quotes;720;
mystery games online;720;
mobile arm;480;
restaurant for kids;480;
online drawing game;390;
fish oil brands;390;
mobile malware;320;
internet symbol;320;
pillows for kids;320;
online pvp games;320;
ramen brands;320;
missouri agriculture;260;
nebraska agriculture;260;
shampoo for kids;260;
couples games online;260;
maine agriculture;210;
online rhythm games;210;
omni shampoo;210;
childrens medicaid;210;
gaming webcam;210;
cheap toasters;170;
cheap book shelf;170;
kids bookmarks;170;
cheap snow shoes;140;
education financial services;110;
pillow for kids;110;
flordia virtual;90;
coding games online;90;
group financial services;70;
mobile doujin;70;
mobile georgia;70;
web bluetooth;70;
cloud infographic;70;
plumbing ads;50;
mexican mobile;50;
cheap street wear;50;
cheap track suits;50;
ring wearable;50;
personalized dresses;40;
cheap town homes;40;
childrens suit;40;
roguelike online;30;
mobile roguelike;30;
world boarder;30;
indiana inn;20;
pennsylvania inn;20;
flex car insurance;20;
premium backpack;20;
secure modem;20;
fabric sanitizer;20;
game unblocker;20;
dish washer cleaning;20;
street wear jeans;20;
car insurance access;10;
distributor mobile;10;
business importer;10;
cheap lounge wear;10;
electric sanitizer;10;
cricket betting websites;10;

my schedule builder;880;
email hosting providers;480;
phone vibration;480;
localization strategy;320;
fashion kimono;170;
cyber security websites;90;
meditation food;70;
lms providers;70;
meditation platform;70;
macd strategy;50;
cloud manipulation;40;
columbus trip;40;
real time antivirus;30;
probiotic multivitamins;20;
nj web hosting;20;
gamification lms;20;
omaha trip;20;

realtimestrategy.com (realtimestrategies.com 1,188 USD sold)
bump I will pm the winner soon
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