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We have finally launched Domfetch!

Domfetch is a free platform to find expired domains. Users can search through domains that are (almost) available for registration. We enrich these domains with extra data to help users find valuable domains.

We created this tool because we found the (free) alternatives lacking certain data, such as Moz, Alexa history (we check 5 years of data) & search volume history over a period of 1 year.

Let us know what you think! More features and tld's will be added in the near future.


Expired domains: domfetch.com/expired-domains
Deleted domains: domfetch.com/deleted-domains

Domain metrics examples:
- domfetch.com/domain/interwood.com
- domfetch.com/domain/hellsangels.com
- domfetch.com/domain/panda.tv
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