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  1. Raghav Nehra

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    Why do domains that contain only 4 or 5 random digits..sell at such a high price..they do not represent any brand or company or business..then why do they sell at such a high price?
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  2. Kuffy

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    Good question - I looked up my birthday ( 6 digit number), and it has been registered by a chinese guy. It isn't hosted, and there is no web address associated with it.On seeing your post, I wondered if it was worth having as a vanity name, but I think I'll stick with Fox Foo - that's probably just as logical. :)
  3. Satyasai Ray

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    Numeric domains are sought after mostly by Chinese buyers – we can safely say that 80% of the players in this market come from China. The reason for this is because Chinese businesses have historically used numbers or pinyin versions of Chinese characters to brand their websites. English keyword domains are difficult to remember for native Chinese speakers, therefore most of the popular websites in China use numbers (eg 163.com) or pinyin.

    The general guidelines for pricing a numeric domain can be summed up in 8 lucky rules:

    • The less digits, the higher value. This is an obvious rule – there are only hundred NN.com versus a thousand NNN.com and so on. Therefore 75.com is more valuable than 750.com.
    • Numeric domains ending in zero have usually a higher value. The more zero’s at the end, the higher the value (i.e. 800.com is more valuable than 810.com etc).
    • Conversely, numeric domains beginning with a zero have usually a lower value. A domain like 065.com would usually bear less value than 650.com.
    • Lower numbers are usually more valuable than high numbers. The reason for this is the Benford’s Law (link) which explains how low numbers are more frequent than higher numbers in a variety of data sets like street addresses, stock prices, population numbers, etc. Therefore each domain starting with 1 is usually more valuable than a domain starting with 2; each domain starting with 2 will have a higher value than a domain starting with 3 and so on.
    • Numbers that appear in a sequence are usually more valuable than numbers with no specific order. For example 123.com is more valuable than 132.com or 231.com.
    • Pairs are considered lucky and therefore more valuable, i.e. 2233.com is more valuable than 2273.com or 3223.com
    • Any numeric domain containing a 8 has a higher value. The more 8s in the domain, the higher the value: 888.com > 788.com > 718.com > 712.com.
    • Domains containing a 4 have a lower value. Any 4 decreases the value of the domain up to 50-70% less than a similar domain without a 4 (eg. 672.com vs 674.com).
    Source: Domainholdings
  4. Raghav Nehra

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    Very good info..thank you friend..
  5. walkerville

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    0522.org is available if anyone is looking

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